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How To: Draw a muscular devil or demon

Learn how to draw a muscular devil or demon in this four-part drawing tutorial. Hosted by artist Wayne Tully, start from scratch in part one, then go into detail with draker pencil lines in part two. In part three, a laborous arm is finished getting the drawing ready for inking which is done in part four. Polish your evil demon & muscle drawing skills with help & inspiration from this series of four videos.

How To: Anatomize the human head, neck and skull

This is a special four-part series on the human head, neck and skull. Medical students can greatly benefit from watch this anatomy video series. Dr. Gita Sinha "dissects" all of the information pertaining to the head and neck. Dr. Sinha is Assistant Professor for the Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology at Dalhouse University. Each of these videos cover a different topic:

How To: Use squats in weight training

Tom Clifford, a certified personal trainer with Gold's Gym, teaches us how to do squats. In this video, he uses a 20 pound barbell, which is not a lot of weight. You put it behind your neck, and rest it on your "traps," or the top of your shoulders. Place your feet shoulder width apart, and keep your back straight and flexed. Go down as if you are going to sit in a chair. Your knees should be over your heels, not over your toes. Go all the way down into a sitting position, then back up. That'...

How To: Draw Darth Vader from Star Wars

In this video, we learn how to draw Darth Vader from Star Wars. Start out by drawing the outline for the body, then draw in reference lines around to figure out where the facial features will go. From here, use a darker paint brush to make the outline darker and then erase any background lines. Then, start to add in the details to the body as well as to the outfit of the costume. Color in the background and then draw on the muscular details to the body. Add in color to the body and the cape t...

How To: Draw a ninja

Ninjas has captured the imagination of both East and West with a combination of flair, combat effectiveness, and secrecy unlike any other type of warrior in the world. In this three-part video you will learn how to draw a rather muscular example of the group, holding a massive sword and adorned with shruiken, in pencil.

How To: Draw the Incredible Hulk

This video illustrate us how to draw the incredible hulk. Here are the following steps:Step 1: First of all take a sheet of paper, pencil and pencil color.Step 2: Now draw a square with round edges representing the face of the hulk. Within the face draw eyes and a big mouth and hairy eyebrows.Step 3: Now from the bottom of the circle draw an oval with wavy structure on it showing the six-pack abs of the hulk.Step 4: Now from the down side of the abdomen extend two legs with muscular legs and ...

How To: Perform advanced stretching techniques

The video first opens up with a muscular man standing in a well lit weight room. He begins with a quick description explaining how he will be performing the stretches and then begins to do so. He swings his leg back behind him and bends it and pulls it up to his behind, he continues to do so for some time. Next he brings the same leg forward and stretches it over his other knee. After that, he bends over and exhales and touches his toes. He then gets a foam pillow and stretches his legs out c...

How To: Tape an ankle with a basketweave job

This wrap is intended to support and stabilize the ankle joint. Supplies needed include a 1 - ½'' – 2'' adhesive tape, pre-wrap, and heel and lace pads. Apply heel and lace pads at high friction areas, including the distal aspect of the Achilles tendon, and the dorsal aspect of the ankle joint. Apply under-wrap to secure them in place. It is critical that the foot remains at a ninety degree angle for this portion of the procedure. Apply an adhesive tape anchor strip at the lower leg, approxim...

How To: Get Muscles for the Movie Thor

This is a video interview how the movie star C. Hemsworth was able to gain a dramatic muscle gain for the movie Thor. just in case you did not see the movie, the actor speaks about his character in the movie and how muscular he needed to be so he can play his role in the movie.

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