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How To: Put your Droid in multi media mode with a magnet

If you have a Motorola Droid and want to use either the multi-media mode or the car mode without getting an expensive Droid dock, then this video is for you. It quickly explains and illustrates how you can put your Droid into either multi-media mode or car mode with the use of a simple magnet. It also explains that there is an application out there that you can use to put your Motorola Droid into car mode, but if you do not already have this application then a magnet will work just fine. It's...

How To: Strut Your Stuff—Build This Super Cheap Multi-Monitor Rig for Three-Screen Gaming

Want to take your gaming to the next level? If you're going to do it, why not go big—by building a multi-monitor setup with not two, but three screens like Redditor optec did. Most multi-monitor setups are pretty pricey, but he built this using simple parts that ended up costing him about 30 bucks. The frame is made of four pieces of Unistrut, bent to 45-degree angles. He used a couple of brackets to attach them and made the mounts out of medium-density fibreboard. Finally, he added some more...

How To: Build a YouTube channel presence and get subscribers

Any successful blogger and business brand will tell you that social media is really the only PR you need these days. Whether you're tackling Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or planning a takeover of YouTube, getting your product name out there - even if it's just your own name because you run a blog - is the number one absolute, most importan thing you can do to sell your brand.

How To: Make glass buttons using a multi- mandrel

See how to use a Multi-Mandrel and watch demonstrator Scott make a set of buttons in no time flat in this how-to video. The multi-mandrel hold several pieces of glass as they're shaped into buttons, beads, or the desired craft project. Watch this video glass-work tutorial series and learn how to make glass buttons using a multi-mandrel.

Kodi 101: How to Get Free Live TV Legally

When most people first become aware of Kodi (formerly known as XBMC), they hear about its ability to stream illegal content. But the real Kodi community knows that it's much more than just a haven for pirated material — it's an all-in-one media player that addresses the majority of home theater needs, particularly for those that decided to cut the cord.

How To: Use alpha channels in Photoshop

In the Photoshop tutorial, Richard Harrington takes a look at making an alpha channel based upon the luminance in an image. Alpha channels allow you to store transparency in a graphic and transfer that transparency to another non-linear video editing program or compositing application and key or composite in real time.

How To: Create a multi-dimensional array in Java programming

Want to write Java games and applications but don't know beans about object-oriented programming? Never you fear. This free video tutorial from TheNewBoston will help you on your merry way to accomplishing just that. Specifically, this lesson will demonstrate how to create a multi-dimensional array when coding in Java. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, watch this programmer's guide.

How To: Use multi-terrain selector on the 2010 Toyota 4Runner

This quick video produced by Toyota USA is a guide to using the Multi Terrain Selector in the 2010 4Runner. The multi terrain select control is designed for off road use. It features for driver selected modes to regulate wheel spin for off road situations. To use the multi-terrain select control, first the vehicle must be stopped with the transmission in neutral. Next, press the On/Off button to turn the selector On, then rotate the mode switch to one of the four available modes. Using this s...

How To: Use multi-touch gestures with a Wacom Bamboo tablet

In this clip, you'll learn how to use multi-touch (or multitouch) gestures on a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet. Happily, it's easy. So easy, in fact, that this video tutorial can present a complete, step-by-step overview of the process in just under four minutes. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, and to get started using multi-touch gestures on your own Bamboo tablet, take a look.

How To: Make Youtube channel backgrounds using Photoshop

People are really into customizing their Youtube channel pages these days. Despite this, most people's Youtube channel backgrounds are poor-quality images, poorly sized, and don't look very appealing. This video will show you how to make cool Youtube background for Youtube channels using Photoshop, creating something visually appealing that won't send viewers running and screaming from you channel page clawing at their bleeding eyes.

How To: Make a multi-strand dichroic pendant necklace

This video shows you how to make a multi-strand necklace using a stunning dichroic glass pendant by guest artist Phil of GlassKanvas. For this project, you will need a dichroic glass pendant, nylon wire, glass beads, a clasp, a jump ring, collotes, and some crimps. Learn how to make this multi-strand dichroic pendant necklace by watching this video jewelry-making tutorial.

How To: Work with WoW alpha channel textures in 3DS Max

Alpha channels are powerful tools for creating low-space 3D images, but 3DS Max cannot work with them properly. This is a major problem if you are working with World of Warcraft characters since they are largely constructed of alphas. This video will teach you how to work with alpha channel textures in 3DS Max and Photoshop in tandem. This will improve the look of your characters immensely, especially their hair.

How To: Transform a photo into a flashy poster in Photoshop

Pixel Perfect is the "perfect" show to help you with your Photoshop skills. Be amazed and learn as master digital artist Bert Monroy takes a stylus and a digital pad and treats it as Monet and Picasso do with oil and canvas. Learn the tips and tricks you need to whip those digital pictures into shape with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In this episode, Ben shows you how to transform a photo into a flashy poster in Photoshop.

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