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How To: Get ready for glacier travel while climbing

Check out this instructional climbing video that illustrates how to get ready for glacier travel while climbing. Learn everything you needed to know to properly prepare for a safe glacier trip. This tutorial video offers crevasse rescue tips and safety precautions. Follow along with this video and get ready to glacier travel and crevasse hunt.

How To: Tie in the rope for glacier climbing

You can tye in or clip into the rope for glacier travel. It doesn't really matter it is your choice. You may as well know both methods. The tie is great if your short of gear or you don't want your guests getting away. Clipping in eases the process of getting in and out of the rope (climber speak there, sorry)

How To: Daisy chain Prussik to harness for glacier travel

Check out this instructional climbing video that demonstrates how to daisy chain a Prussik to a harness for glacier travel. Setting your prussik up for glacier travel is the flavor of today. Paul shows us a quick simple way to daisy chain off your spare prussik cord. This stuff is well worth setting up before it is required. Often when you are in a hole things get awkward the more stuff set up the better your chances of getting yourself out.

How To: Tie a Prussik knot for glacier climbing

Terry shows us how to set up the prussik for glacier travel. This is a demo of what to do with the ends of the prussik. Remember you have to know this knot if you are going to be a mountaineer. Terry places one on. In a real world situation he may place two on so that he has one going to the person behind him and one to the person ahead of him.

How To: Take in coils when climbing

As the terrain changes in the mountains you will often have to change rope lengths to max out your safety. It is common to travel a good distance apart on a glacier or use large amounts of rope when dealing with technical terrain. However when traveling together on a ridge it is often safer and faster for both climbers to take in a few coils.

How To: Demonstrate the difference between land & sea ice

In this tutorial, we learn how to demonstrate the difference between land & sea ice. First, fill up two large aquariums with water, then add in a glacier to one aquarium and an iceberg in the other. This will see how the water level changes based on the melted of each different ice item. Draw a line at the water line where it started at, then when the ice melts, check the water levels. When finished, see what the water levels have ended up at. Now you will be able to show this to your student...

How To: Walkthrough The Legend of Dragoon on PS1: Part 46

Dart and his friends are almost done. They just need to defeat Faust and return to the Law City Zenebatos in this part of The Legend of Dragoon for PlayStation. This video walkthrough takes you from where Dart and company fight and defeat Magician Faust in Flanvel Tower, they leave Flanvel and Kashua Glacier and back to the Law City Zenebatos to where they are exploring the city and rewriting laws so they can move about easier.

How To: Walkthrough The Legend of Dragoon on PS1: Part 45

Start your battle with the Magician Faust in this section of The Legend of Dragoon for PlayStation. This video walkthrough takes you from where Dart and company fight and defeat Belzac and Kanzas, they head to Deningrad to buy/sell some stuff, through the Kashua Glacier to the Flanvel Tower, and they explore the Tower to where they are fighting Magician Faust.

How To: Self rescue from a crevasse using two Prussiks

This guy does an awkward job of showing you how to set up two prussiks to ascend a rope. However you can take what you need to the climbing gym and have some thing to practice. Remember you have to practice this stuff a bit at least. Out on a glacier it is no longer crevasse rescue practice it's just crevasse rescue. So check out this climbing tutorial video and practice your safety techniques and learn how to self rescue from a crevasse using two Prussiks.

How To: Import Your Health Records onto Your iPhone

Mobile phones are not only essential for work and communication, they're quickly becoming an integral asset to our health. Your iPhone can store valuable data about fitness, nutrition, heart health, and so much more. And since iOS 11.3, your iPhone can even import a list of allergies, medications, immunizations, hospital visits, and other health information from your doctor or hospital.

News: Unexpected Microbial Life in Glacial Clay Could Offer Antibiotic Solutions

For as long as 14,000 years, the First Nations people of the Heitsuk Nation have made their home along the Central Coast of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Among the territory's inlets, islands, rivers, and valleys lie a clay deposit on the north side of Kisameet Bay, near King Island. For as long as most can remember, the tribe has used the clay as medicine. Now science says microbes that live in that clay may have important antibacterial properties.

How To: Make a Bramble cocktail

Diego Garcia and VideoJug demonstrate how to make a bramble cocktail -- a short gin-based cocktail. First mix gin, lemon juice, syrup. Then add ice cubes and shake before straining and putting some creme de muir over the top of the drink. Make a Bramble cocktail.

Cloud Photography Challenge: Journey to the Center of the Earth

I took this photo in Iceland at Snæfellsjökull, a 700,000 year old stratovolcano with a glacier covering its summit. The famous spot provides the setting for Jules Vernes' fictional A Journey to the Center of the Earth, in which the characters find a passage leading to the center of the earth. Standing up there was truly surreal—the strong winds whipped the snow, clouds and land all together into one incredible landscape.

News: Iceland in the Fall

I traveled to Iceland this past fall to see Iceland Airwaves, a music festival held in Reykjavik. While the festival was pretty great, I regret spending so much time (4 days) in the capital city. A day is enough—spend as much time as you can wandering the wide variety of natural wonders spread across the tiny 40k square mile country. Pictured below, some of my favorite stops: Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, natural hot springs, the beautiful Hotel Budir, and more.

News: The Greatest Artist in the Universe

Who other than Mother Earth? Below, a selection of 10 images from the USGS' Earth as Art, a collection of stunning photographs from the Landsat 5 and Landsat 7 satellites. The bright color is a false effect produced by satellite sensors, but the texture, shapes, patterns, scale- that's all real.

News: Creepy Facial Reconstruction of Iceman Mummy

It's tough to figure out what a mummy would have looked like when he was alive; soft tissue of a human body decays, even in ice. But, Dutch brothers Adrie and Alfons Kennis took the challenge. Using techniques that belong to both science and art, they managed to reconstruct the face and body of Otzi the Iceman, a mummy who was found in the Italian Alps in 1991.

How To: Have Fun in Iceland!

Iceland Adventure Travel Are you an "adventure traveler?" That's right an adventurer traveler! Adventure tourism is becoming a popular travel niche all over the world for adventure seekers. These are people who don't necessarily want to sit on the beach with a cocktail with a tiny little umbrella in it, but rather experience the great outdoors through participating in activities.

Top 10: Best Ethical Destinations for 2011

By Ethical Traveler As the world becomes ever more interconnected, being an ethical traveler becomes both easier and more urgent. Travelers today have access to far more information than we did even 10 years ago. We can observe–almost in real time–the impact that smart or selfish choices, by governments and individuals, have on rainforests and reefs, cultures and communities.

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