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How To: Create a Moroccan magenta nail art design

Julieg713 is a nail art expert. Check out her nail art tutorials on WonderHowTo (Search Julieg713). Her nail art looks are fun & pretty, not to mention well demonstrated. This nail polish video demonstrate how to create a Moroccan magenta nail art design. Watch this video to learn how to recreate this nail art look.

How To: Make a Moroccan spicy lamb stew

Morocco has one of the finest, most savory culinary traditions in the world, and this delicious stew is a wonderful example of it. The Original Naked Chef here presents a recipe for a spicy lamb stew with loads of garlic, onion and chili. This is remarkably easy recipe for the massive amount of flavor it contains. The most challenging aspect of the recipe letting it cook long enough for the lamb to get tender without just diving right in and eating it!

How To: Ask for something in Arabic

You are in Morocco and you know what you want, but how do you ask for it? This lesson teaches you the basics of asking for this or that, and how to be polite about it. A little Arabic can go a long way. Follow along with the language lessons in these videos and you'll be speaking Arabic in no time.

News: Some of the World's Most Notorious Hackers Got Hacked

This past weekend, one of the most notorious hacker organizations in the world, Hacking Team, was hacked by some unknown organization. The Hacking Team is an Italian company that sells it software and services to companies and governments (yes, my rookie hackers, there are legitimate companies who sell their services to governments—Vupen, being one of the most famous and lucrative).

How To: Make Preserved Lemons

One of the great joys of cooking is taking the most basic of foods and preparing them in new and exciting ways. About two years ago, my wife opened my eyes to a delicious staple of Indian and Moroccan cuisine that is made in a very elementary way, the preserved lemon.

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