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How To: Make Blueberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake is pretty awesome. It's super versatile, allowing you to change crust bases and toppings quite dramatically and still end up with something that's elegant and delicious. Which is why it's a great dish to add to your dessert repertoire! There are a number of approaches to making a cheesecake base: classic, new york style and no-bake. Today we're going to go down the more classic route.

How To: Play "Stupid for You" by Marie Digby

Watch this piano tutorial video to learn how to play "Stupid for You" by Marie Digby on piano. Instruction includes an overhead view so you can learn by watching. Intermediate pianists will have no trouble learning how to play Marie Digby's "Stupid for You" on piano by watching this helpful how-to video.

How To: Paint Carnation flowers in the Chinese brush style

In a special Mother's Day installment of their weekly instructional series on Chinese painting, Blue Heron Art's Henry teaches us to paint Chinese Carnations in watercolor, with calligraphy highlights done in ink with a brush. His grace and accuracy with both the watercolor and the ink would be challenging for many of the less-artistically-inclined to emulate, but the finished product is beautiful and should impress all but the choosiest of moms if their child were to make / buy it for them.

Coffee Mugs: They're Not Just for Coffee

Coffee mugs: nothing proliferates more quickly in my kitchen cabinets. People are always handing them out as gifts or as swag, plus I always seem to find a vintage model or two at a garage sale that I'm compelled to buy. I used to do a yearly purge of my excess muggage, but it turns out it's a good idea to hold on to one or two extras.

How To: Crochet a scarf

In this video series, our expert Elissa Marie Rodgers will demonstrate how to crochet a scarf. You will get step-by-step instructions on how to pick the right yarn for your scarf, and how to crochet each stitch to create your own homemade scarf. Our expert will also show you how to make a variety of decorative fringes for your scarf and even give you tips on how to wear the scarf you crochet. A crocheted scarf makes an excellent gift for family and friends, and is a wonderful winter weather a...

News: Musicians Are Holding Live Online Concerts for Free — Here's How to Watch Them All from Your Phone

Remember concerts? Those were fun. While gathering in large groups to listen to live music might not be allowed at the moment, the live music part still is. Thanks to the internet, more and more musicians are taking the stage each day to perform for those of us stuck in social isolation due to the new coronavirus. The best part? Many of these concerts are 100% free.

How To: Make perfect aeropressed coffee

If you have an Aeropress and are loving the taste of the coffee that it makes, but are wondering how to make the perfect cup of coffee with it? Well, a girl from Denmark, named Marie Hagemeister, won the World Aeropress Championships with an inverted Aeropress technique that ended up also taking her all the way through the Danish Aeropress Championships. In this video you will learn what techniques are used and also the temperature of the water and the brewing time used. Make perfect aeropres...

News: Marie Antoinette Wigs Made With Miles of Plastic Wrap

Kate Cusak is resourceful. The artist makes Marie Antoinette wigs crafted entirely with saran wrap: “'There is an exciting ‘a-ha’ moment when someone realizes that there is more to my design then they initially expected,' Cusack says. 'I create polished, elegant work that the viewer can appreciate in a serious way, but then when the viewer notices whatever the object is made out of, it surprises them and brings a smile to their face.'”

How To: Quilt boutis provençal

For boutis, stuffing is inserted between stitched layers through small openings made by separating the threads of the backing fabric. Once the stuffing is complete the threads are pushed back into position to close the holes. Marie Yolande demonstrates the "white on white" process with contrasting colored threads for better clarity. Click the RealPlayer or Quicktime link to start the video. Quilt boutis provençal.

How To: Create and format tables in InDesign CS3

This video shows you how to organize information in an InDesign table. You learn how to select parts of a table, control the table layout, select and format text in a table, and manage table options (such as borders, fills, headers, and footers). Check out this video by Anne-Marie Concepcion now! Create and format tables in InDesign CS3.

News: Mathematical Knitting

Looking into mathematical quilting, I came across a community of mathematical knitters. Check out Dr. Sarah-Marie Belcastro's (research associate at Smith college and lecturer at U Mass Amherst) mathematical knitting resource page.

How To: Make embellished sandals

With summer in full swing, our favorite footwear is flip-flops or sandals. Guest Marie Hejl demonstrated the following technique for embellishing Dr. Scholl's sandals and turning them into fashionable -- and functional -- works of art. Make embellished sandals.

How To: Work with objects in InDesign CS3

Objects are important building blocks in InDesign. This video shows you how to create and manage the four basic types of objects in InDesign: filled shapes, graphics frames, text frames, and vector graphics. Check out this video created by Anne-Marie Concepcion now! Work with objects in InDesign CS3.

How To: Make Rock Candy Crystals at Home

In this tutorial, Anne Marie shows us how to make rock candy at home. Rock candy is simply sugar crystals, and you can make this at home in any color or flavor you like easily. The only ingredients you need are sugar and water, though you can add color and flavor as you like. To make these, first add in 1 cup water with 3 cups sugar and a few drops of food coloring into a hot saucepan. Stir constantly while bringing the solution to a boil. Now, grab a container and pour your solution into it,...

News: Who Says Owning Fine Jewelry Means an Empty Wallet?

P.S.- I Made This offers resourceful, crafty tutorials that stretch the imagination. With projects ranging from jewelry to accessories to clothing, founder and creator, Erica Domesek has been featured in Teen Vogue, Glamour, Vogue Nippon, Domino, GQ, InStyle, and Marie Claire. Her brief tutorials also include collaborations with both Helmut Lang and Who What Wear.

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