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How To: Make sangria

There is no better addition to a barbecue than a classic sangria. Rebecca shows an easy way of making this Spanish punch. There are various types of sangria which can be prepared easily by just changing the flavor through the use of a variety of fruits.

How To: Mix the last word cocktail

In this episode of "The Cocktail Spirit," Robert gives you the last word on stocking your bar, and then mixes up the Last Word cocktail. You will need chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, gin, and lime juice. Learn how to mix this very old but rare last word cocktail recipe by watching this video beverage-making tutorial.

How To: Make a trifle pudding cake

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a trifle pudding cake. You will need: 16 oz pound cake, 30 oz can fruit cocktail, 16 oz whipped topping, 5 oz vanilla instant pudding, 3.5 c cold milk, and Maraschino cherries. First, slice up the pound cake and layer it on the bottom of a serving dish. After this, take a fork and poke holes in the pound cake then set aside. In a large bowl, empty the instant pudding mix in a bowl and then add in the cold milk and whisk. Next, pour the pudding over the c...

How To: Make the perfect kir royal

This video shows you how to make a perfect Kir Royal. A drink for anytime of the day. You will need a flute glass(classic champagne glass), Creme De Cassis or Royal Chambord liqueur, sparkling wine or champagne(Spanish Cava champagne which is cheaper and better). Open the champagne by removing the foil, open the screw, hold the cork and twist the bottle until cork comes out. Put 1 ounce of Royal Cchambord in the champagne glass. Tilt the glass and pour the champagne into the glass leaving roo...

How To: Make a delicious white Russian

In this video, Lee from GirlsMixingDrinks shows us how to make a White Russian. (Coincidentally, Lee is a white Russian.) First, you're going to need your rocks glass, also known as a lowball. Preferably it should be a larger sized rocks glass, as this drink will have 2 ounces of alcohol in it. Then you need Kahlua coffee-flavored liqueur and vanilla-flavored vodka. You could use a regular vodka, but the vanilla gives it a little kick and is tasty. Fill your glass with ice, add 1 ounce of the...

How To: Make a perfect green apple martini

How to make a green apple martini to make this green apple martini you need a martini glass. Put some ice in the glass to chill it down. Set the martini glass with the ice to the side. Take a mixing glass and put some ice in the glass. Add one ounce of vodka, one and a half ounces of apple schnapps, a dash of melon liquor, and a splash of sweet and sour mix. Stir it up rather than shaking it. Dump the ice out of the chilled martini glass. Put a strainer on the mixing glass. Drop a maraschino ...

How To: Make Italian fruit punch

Giada De Laurentiis shows you how to make a delicious festive Italian Fruit Punch. Mix together two cups of chilled orange juice, two cups of chilled sparkling water, a quarter cup of limoncello lemon liqueur and a half cup of maraschino liqueur. Mix together well. Carefully pour into martini glasses. Garnish each drink with one or two sticks of licorice, perfect for a Halloween celebration. Follow these easy steps to create a deliciously festive Italian fruit punch for your next get-together.

How To: Make a green apple martini

How to make a great green apple martini. First we start with the tools of the trade, you will need a glass, champagne or martini glass will do, next a set of tumblers, a speed pour-er, and a martini strainer. Now that all of those are laid out we need to chill the glass down, so take the larger tumbler and fill it 3/4 full of ice. Add the ice to the glass and set aside. While the glass is chilling out, we need to get our liquor out and ready to mix, these are the liquors needed:

How To: Make a banana split

Sick of the same old chocolate chip cookie for a sweet treat? Bump up your dessert course by making a fun banana split! Grab a spoon and a friend, and get ready to dig into this mouth-watering banana split. Learn how to make a great banana split with help form this dessert making instructional video.

How To: Make cocktails both the old fasioned and modern way

This recipe shows you a basic Old Fashioned cocktail, using 2 ounces rye or bourbon whiskey, one sugar cube and a dash of Angostura bitters. And then you're shown a modern update, calling for: 2 ounces whiskey, one sugar cube, 3 wedges of orange, Angostura bitters and 1/2 ounce maraschino cherry marinade. The marinade itself requires: 8 ounces organic grape juice, 6-10 ounces lemon juice, 3 stalks of bruised lemongrass, 16 ounces raw sugar, 32 ounces water, 1 tablespoon anise seeds, 2 tablesp...

How To: Make un-deadly "zombie" drinks with juice, rum, apricot brandy and BRAINS

Make your Halloween party the best ever with this "zombie" drink sure to keep the living dead coming back for more! This zombie-style drink is complete with brains, but more importantly, it packs a wallop with three different kinds of rum (!!!) and apricot brandy. This mixed punch also has orange, pineapple and lime juice. Don't forget to make your citrus ice the night before, either in brain molds or a nice big block. Party on!

How To: Make delicious brandy infused cherries as garnishes

A delicious twist on the traditional maraschino cherry garnish. To make these, all you need are some dried cherries, your favorite brandy and a Mason jar with lid. Let the cherries steep in the brandy for at least eight hours, though they can remain for as long as you like after that. Make delicious brandy infused cherries as garnishes.

How To: Make a Beachcomber cocktail

You won't need to comb the beach to make this tasty treat - quick, easy and sinful! Pour the caster sugar into a saucer. Rub the wedge of lime around the rim of the cocktail glass then rub the rim of the cocktail glass in the sugar. Keep the lime for later. Fill the shaker half full of ice cubes. Into the shaker add the rum, the maraschino liqueur, the cherry brandy, sugar and the lime juice. After ensuring that the lid is secure, shake vigorously. Make a Beachcomber cocktail.

How To: A Beginner's Guide to Appreciating Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon is the ultimate American spirit, considering the barrel-aged distilled spirit was originally produced in an area known as Bourbon County, Kentucky. To meet the legal definition of bourbon, it must be produced in the United States, must be created with at least 51% corn, and aged in new oak barrels. There are two types of bourbon whiskeys—straight and blended. Straight bourbon means that the bourbon has been aged for a minimum of 2 years, and has no other coloring or flavoring added. B...

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