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News: Luxury + Rarity = Luxirare E-Shop

Luxirare's e-shop embodies her mantra of Luxury + Rarity. Incredibly original, her beautiful items have graced the pages of publications such as French Vogue, fashion photography site Jak & Jil, and Lucky Mag. A few of my favorite picks below; click through for more.

News: Meet Luxirare, WonderHowTo's New Culinary Contributor

Luxirare is a site of mystery; the genius behind the intricate and painstakingly photographed projects remains somewhat anonymous, despite her culinary mastery, fashion pieces and e-shop being featured in the likes of Vogue, Lucky Mag, ABC, NBC, and the New York Times. Insanely stylish and original, Luxirare has been blogged about all over the web.

How To: Spreading Cold Butter Just Got Way Easier with These Clever Hacks

We're a little butter-obsessed here, and that includes topics on why butter should always be browned, the rationale behind clarifying butter, and even how to make a DIY butter candle. And while some may consider the problem strictly one for the first world, we're always very interested in ways to spread cold butter on toast without ripping the bread to shreds. If you read that post, you know the ingenious solutions are many and range from grating your butter to buying a heated butter knife.

How To: 9 Pizza Hacks You Need to Try Before You Die

When it comes to pizza, everyone has strong opinions about how they like their pie, whether they prefer deep dish, thin crust, Chicago-style, or gluten-free. However, most people agree that a pizza is composed of some basic parts: a single layer of crust (usually wheat-based), sauce (usually tomato-based, cheese, and toppings. Yet enterprising cooks out there are putting a spin on the classic by turning pizza on its head. Sink your teeth into these pizza hacks before it's too late!

News: DIY Super Fancy Potato Chips

Luxirare, my very favorite, over-the-top, superfluous (in the best possible sense) recipe blog. We've witnessed the Pie-On-a-Stick, and marveled the beautiful Jell-O shots. Now Luxirare demonstrates how to make some exceedingly fancy potato chips. These aren't your typical store bought snacks.

News: DIY Pie on a Stick

Pie lollipops. The perfect snack. Forget settling on one slice, with the pie pop you can sample multiple flavors. Luxirare posted a beautifully photographed (somewhat) tutorial on how to make your own. Premade fillings, jarred like jam, enable you to make a wide variety in one batch. Check out the amazing photographs below; click through to Luxirare a few DIY text tips.

News: DIY Mojito Alchemy

It's just what the doctor ordered: the perfect hangover cure. A time-proven, age old trick, commonly referred to as the "Hair of the Dog", asserts that downing more alcohol the morning after is scientifically proven to ease a painful hangover—well, for the short term, at least (read more here).

News: Tequila Balls Slide Down Sweet and Easy

Finally, Jell-O shots hit Japan. You would think the land of pop, sickly sweet, and incredibly creative commercialization of endless innovative products would have long ago begun serving an alcoholic drink that is A) candy colored B) candy tasting and C) slides right down the gullet, easy as 1-2-3. 

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