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News: Self-Driving Cars Are Coming to New York, but Only for a Limited Time

The east coast is becoming a hotbed for driverless. Sure, the west coast has all of its fancy tech companies testing self-driving cars, but we've got the goods too. Uber has brought the technology to Pennsylvania and will soon do the same in Toronto. (Stratford, Ontario, has plans to test out driverless too!) And today we got some great news: Governor Andrew Cuomo just approved of driverless testing in New York.

Limited Time Only: Google Play Apps & Games on Sale for a Dollar

Now is the time to act if you've been in the market for some must-have Android apps but felt like the price was a little out of your range. The Google Play Store is running a sale so you can pick up some high-quality paid apps—including the popular Nova Launcher Prime and Poweramp Music Player, among many others—for just $0.99 each. While there are quite a few solid apps here you should try—and with a two-hour refund window, why not try them all—here are our favorites you should seriously con...

News: MoviePass Works Great for Limited Users, Everyone Else Should Seek Another Filmgoing Subscription

MoviePass was once the best subscription service on the market for getting cheap movie tickets. For the price and the number of films you could see and save money on, it was unbeatable, but recent changes to the service have made it less enticing. While it still works well for some users, others may have to rely on other options. Personally, I'm leaning toward the latter.

How To: Set up Gmail delegation to allow limited access for administrative assistants

When you're personal assistant needs to handle your e-mails for you, it can be quite daunting having to give out your personal account information just so they can have access to your e-mail. And more importantly, having to battle for log in time might also be quite the hassle. With Gmail you can actually delegate your personal assistant so they have access to your inbox and can reply and send messages on your behalf, but they cannot change settings, passwords, or chat on your behalf. In this...

How To: Create a limited offer button in Photoshop

tasktutorial shows you how to create a limited offer button, using Photoshop with this high resolution and informative video. You can learn how to create these buttons, using step-by-step instructions. You never have to leave the comfort of your home, and it's free to learn. This button is a must when you need to bring attention to a customer on your web site, to show a special offer that you may be having. With a variety of layers that must be used, this tutorial still makes it easy.

How To: Make the most of limited archery practice

This video archery tutorial offers some tips for how to maximize the results of even small amounts of practice time. Quality not quantity is as golden for archery practice as any other part of life. It's important to remember to practice in the same kind of clothing the archery hunting would be occurring in. Watch this instructional video and learn how to make the most of limited archery practice.

News: For Limited Time AT&T Offers T-Mobile Users $450 Big Ones to Make the Switch

Now might be as good a time as any to change over from the 'Uncarrier' to Ma Bell. For a limited time only, AT&T is offering T-Mobile customers 450 bucks in credit to change to their team. Folks jumping ship from the Big Magenta could earn up to $250 in credit for trading in their smartphone and another $200 credit for transferring service. AT&T sure is working hard to snag up new subscribers, and if you've been looking for a change in carrier and to save some money to boot, you might just wa...

Deal Alert: Unlocked Nextbit Robin $100 Off for a Limited Time

The Nextbit Robin, the world's first cloud-oriented smartphone, is on sale at Amazon for $299 plus tax, a savings of $100. You'll have to act quick though, as the deal only runs through May 10th while supplies last. Nextbit Robin, an unlocked SIM phone, was just updated last week, and now runs Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. It also has a unique storage system, with 100 GB of cloud space, as well as 32 GB of built-in storage. You can snag it in midnight or mint colors. Amazon Prime members will al...

News: Google Just Acquired Instant Translator Word Lens—All Language Packs Free for a Limited Time

According to a statement on its website, Quest Visual, the company behind the highly-regarded live translation app Word Lens, has been purchased by Google. This news has ripple effects across both the Android and iOS platforms, as it is likely Word Lens will be discontinued in the near future in favor of incorporating the technology into Google's own Translate app. For now, however, Quest Visual has made all Word Lens language packs available for free in celebration of their new deal with Goo...

News: Google Play Celebrates Its Second Birthday with Limited Time Deals

Today Google Play turns 2, and it's celebrating by offering deals for a selection of apps, books, magazines, movies, and music. The deals certainly aren't "door busters", but they're deals nonetheless. While a few games have been included in the promotion, the discounts are mainly on in-app purchases, so they're not readily identifiable. And if you've been dying to grab the Grumpy Cat book but thought four bucks was just a tad too much, head to Google Play and grab it for two bucks while it's...

News: Portal Free to Download for a Limited Time!

Portal is game design milestone. Originally only available bundled in with larger cousins Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 in The Orange Box, its creators, Valve Software, changed what first person gameplay could be. It's been a stand alone product for much of the four years since its release, but never an expensive one, usually available for $5 on Steam (also created by Valve). If that barrier to entry was too high for you, or you just never got around to trying it, there are no more excuses....

How To: Use the TextNow 4.0 App to send unlimited texts on the iPhone

TextNow is a great App for the iPhone that allows you to, for a $1 initial fee, send unlimited text messages to any other TextNow user without using any of the precious limited texts on your AT&T plan. The App is very easy to use, requires only a modest amount of additional money to keep using it forever, and will probably wind up saving you money in the long run by cutting down your monthly billed texts.

News: Verizon Caves to Demand for Unlimited Data Plans, Makes Customers Happy

Verizon has long been king in the wireless provider market, but recently it has had to step up its game in the data department. A limited data plan — with supposedly superior service — was no longer cutting it for customers. Many of whom left to take up the sweet, sweet offers of competitors like Sprint and T-Mobile. This past fiscal year, Verizon had a net loss of customers in the first quarter. Something that has never happened to them before.

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