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News: UK Government Invests $38 Million in Driverless Cars

With the British exit from the European Union looming, the UK is looking to the auto industry to help boost their economy and secure jobs through the upcoming years. Today, Business Secretary Greg Clark and Transport Minister John Hayes announced the government investment of $136.7 million (£109.7 million) across 38 different automobile projects, as a part of the Plan for Britain.

Brief Reality: Industries Are Flocking to Augmented Reality

While the technology continues to mature, businesses from various industries continue to adopt augmented reality to improve the efficiency of business processes. In this edition of Brief Reality, as conference season continues, we see examples of augmented reality applied to logistics processes and marketing of industrial supplies, as well as the topic of discussion at another trade show.

How To: Make hemp jewelry

Hemp is an extremely strong industrial fiber, as well as an extremely resilient soft fiber. This video from will show you how you can use hemp and beads to make your very own hemp jewelry.

How To: Plaster a wall in your home with Ron the Builder

Ron the Builder demonstrates how to plaster a wall. Mix the sealant with water to achieve the right proportions and spread evenly over the wall with a paint roller. Once the sealant is dry, you may begin plastering. Combine half a bag of plaster with the appropriate amount of water in a large bucket with an industrial mixer. Mix until the plaster is smooth. Pour the plaster onto a flat board. Using a trowel, scrape some plaster onto your hawk. Then, using a flick of the wrist, quickly scoop s...