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How To: 7 Bright Ideas for Old Light Bulbs

If you can't stand the idea of tying a birthday present with a wrinkled piece of ribbon, all you need is a slightly warm light bulb that hasn't been lit for more than five minutes. Simply run the length of the wrinkled ribbon across the top of the warm light bulb until the wrinkles go away, saving you the time of finding your iron and ironing board.

News: Baby shower barbecue ideas and inspiration board

It had been a while since I had thrown a baby shower, but this past summer I had the opportunity to throw a Baby Shower Barbecue. In search of ideas, I did a search on a variety of my favorite blogs. Nowadays, when it comes time to search for new ideas or awesome recipes, I throw in “blog” or “mom blog” at the end of the search term. I have found that I get more specific results, with great pictures and detailed instructions. As a “mommy” blogger myself, I know that the majority of bloggers w...

News: Kaplan University's Visionary Voices–A Collection of Ideas on Continuing Educa

Kaplan University presents Visionary Voices, a series of interviews that chronicle our goals in regards to adult education and continuing education throughout your life. Kaplan University offers online degree programs designed to expand the way you think and help you develop both personally and professionally. Students turn to us to develop their critical thinking skills, to challenge and prepare them for successful careers.*

Juicing For Weight Loss Ideas: Grapple Juice

Sometimes good food and exercise is not enough to lose weight. Maybe you do it all, you drink tons of water, you exercise daily, you eat what you're supposed to and stay away from what is bad for your waist. However, you can't lose the weight you have gained over the past couple of months or even years. What to do now?

News: Naughty Prank Ideas

If one of your is really messy then you can try this prank on them. It actually happened with me and believe me it works!! If the person concerned just doesn’t clean up his or her mess and from table or bed and you really find it irritating since that is the situation with most of us when we live in school or college hostels or when we share a flat. So to teach a lesson stick a sign on the bed and the wardrobe, which would say that the wardrobe and the bed are meant for piling waste and when ...

News: hahaha i got 2 really bomb ideas

alright my first idea is to go to a ski mountain wearing ridiculous stuff and looking retarded and then go on a chairlift and halfway at a spot you would hang off the chairlift and make them stop the chairlift and get everyones attention and then just drop and ski away or something like that haha (of course a height that you wont die from dropping from) and my second idea was to go to a fitness center/gym or anywhere that has a lockeroom and run around naked chasing eachother and falling in t...

News: ideas for prank

1.dress like mannequin in stor in a loaded street and when people will stare we suddenly be washed right into the window by water hose that will operated by saomone behind!!it will be soooo fffuuunnnyy2place two poles with elastic ropes, on lake or sea shore and compete by throw people. pleeeaaasss you have to choose me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How To: Patent an idea

Patent is the best way to keep what is rightfully yours. 1. You need an experienced patent attorney who knows the ins and outs to get you through the gatekeepers. 2. Gatekeepers are the patent examiners who make sure that already existing patents are not copied. 3. Register the idea to the USPTO to get the credit. 4. Once pending, the idea is ready for manufacturing. It can be sold to companies. "It is better to patent your ideas before someone steals it from you. "

How To: Use landscaping ideas for a beautiful yard

Learn how to choose plants that complement each other, as well as varieties that fit the climate and natural landscape of your area. She will show to correctly plant your flowers to ensure that they are able to take hold and grow. See how to create new flower beds in your yards and how to create an edging around it. Find out how to landscape a garden made of plants that are nectar bearing as to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. If you live in a smaller space you can also learn to pot plan...

How To: Celebrate the 8 days of Hanukkah with the standard Jewish traditions

If you don't know exactly what goes on during Hanukkah, this series of videos will set you straight. Hanukkah is the most recognized Jewish holiday, right around Christmastime, and Chaim from Maoz Israel is going to show you some traditional customs that are performed during the eight days of Hanukkah 2010. Learn about the menorah, sufgaiyots, the mysterious dreidel and the traditional Chanukah songs.