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How To: Find the secret palmistry meaning in the fingers

Just because it's called palm reading doesn't mean it's only "palm" reading. Palmistry involves more than mere palms — it looks at all parts of the grasping side of the hand, including the fingers. And in this two-part video from Jim Winter, a professional palmist, tarot reader, face reader and graphologist, you will learn the secret, underlying meaning behind a person's fingers. Knowing the digits is just as important as knowing the sweaty palm.

How To: Make delicious fall off the bone BBQ ribs

This video demonstrates an unusual method of making barbecue ribs, and that is cooking them in the crock pot. Take a slab of baby back ribs and remove the skin on the back by loosening it with a knife and grasping it with a paper towel. Sprinkle a bit of sugar all over the ribs and rub it in. Make a small cut with a knife in between each of the bones. Starting at one end, roll it up into a ball and wrap it in foil. Poke some holes all around the foil. In the bottom of the crock pot place a di...

How To: Develop a child's motor skills with pop beads

According to Shelley Lovett Pop Beads are a wonderful addition to any early learning environment. In this video Lovett starts by showing all of the different shapes, sizes and colors the Pop Beads come in. She also explains to the viewer where the beads can be purchased. Lovett then demonstrates how the unique construction of the beads makes it somewhat difficult to snap them together. Yet is it the required pinching and grasping that makes playing with Pop Beads so beneficial to developing a...

How To: Make a bow tie out of a dollar bill

we are taught how to make a unique bow tie from an ordinary dollar bill in just a few short steps. There are no tools are supplies necessary, just your fingers and a dollar bill. Folding the bottom up, then again in half. Opening the sides it forms a 'tent' like fold on either side. Fold up bottom, fold end down. Fold the corners to the center, turn around and repeat that same motion. Pull out while grasping the middle. Flatten it out and there you have in your hand a bow tie, created in just...

How To: Juggle 3 clubs at once for beginners

The creative minds at Soulstyle show you how to juggle three clubs at once with some excellent tips to help get you started. Start by tossing one club in the air and catching it in the correct spot before you more forward into juggling. Once you've got that down pat, toss two clubs back and forth, in the shape of an "X" until you are completely comfortable with that. Keep your eyes focused on the highest point of the "X" and avoid the temptation to watch your hands. When you've mastered two, ...

How To: Find the area of a triangle

In this video, learn how to calculate one of the most important puzzlers in math - the area of a triangle. This is one of the first things you will learn in geometry and is helpful in math as well as science classes. Check out this tutorial if you are having trouble grasping this concept. This video will show you how to calculate the area of a triangle easily and in detail. Master this and you will pass that next test for sure!

How To: Throw a crazy gyroball in wiffle ball

In this tutorial, we learn how to throw a crazy gyroball in wiffle ball. You will first stand still with the ball in your hand grasping it lightly, when you go to throw the ball, throw with force and spin your body around. This should make the ball go straight into the target almost every time you throw it. Keep practicing this until you have the hand placement correct. Try moving your hand in different positions around the ball so that the grasp makes the ball move in the right direction. Af...

How To: Manage Layers Brief Introduction

In this web design tutorial learn to create and delete layers. This web design tutorial for Xara Web Designer also covers deleting pages, deleting objects on different layers and re-arranging layers that have objects on them. A brief discussion about MouseOff Layer and MouseOver layer is also introduced in this Xara Tutorial. I would say this is one of the single most important Xara Web Designer Tutorials because layers allow you to do so many unique things with your website within Xara Web D...

How To: Fold an origami paper rose

Fold paper in 1/2. Fold in half again into a square. Fold in half again, & again into a square about 1/16 of original size. Unfold paper. Fold marks divide paper into 16 small squares. Make 2 diagonal folds in each direction to form a big X in paper. Position paper with inside of folds facing you; fold paper in 1/2 again to form a rectangle. Using previous fold lines, fold lower 1/2 of paper in 1/2. This fold covers 1/3 of remaining visible paper. Grasp center where folds meet. Create 4 ridge...

News: Touch & Feel Things That Don't Exist with Dexmo's Exoskeleton Gloves

One of the disadvantages of the digital world is that you can't pick it up and touch it. While that can feel like less of a problem in virtual reality, where you're already holding controllers, mixed reality environments—like the one you'd experience in Microsoft's HoloLens—suffer from a lack of physical connection with the digital objects that appear in your real world. Dexmo aims to solve that problem with a relatively intimidating new controller that encompasses your hands.

How To: Replace a Dryer's Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse in your dryer is a safety device designed to prevent the dryer from overheating. The fuse is heat sensitive and when the dryer becomes too hot it will blow. If the fuse has blown then the dryer will either stop working or there will be no heat when the drum is turning. A blown thermal fuse is simple to replace. With a few tools, a do it yourself warrior can save valuable money from being wasted on a service call. Here is a detailed set of instructions on how to replace a ther...

How To: Use Maltego to Fingerprint an Entire Network Using Only a Domain Name

Hackers rely on good data to be able to pull off an attack, and reconnaissance is the stage of the hack in which they must learn as much as they can to devise a plan of action. Technical details are a critical component of this picture, and with OSINT tools like Maltego, a single domain name is everything you need to fingerprint the tech details of an organization from IP address to AS number.

How To: Wrap Your Hands for Muay Boran (Ancient Thai Boxing)

Muay Boran Muay Boran (Ancient Boxing) is an all-inclusive term for the ancient boxing arts of Thailand, from which modern Muay Thai was born. In the old days, fighters would wrap their hands with strips of twisted hemp cloth or hemp rope. Although it is commonly thought that fighters would dip their wrapped hands in broken glass, this is largely a myth. They did, however, dip their hands in water in order to harden the rope.

How To: Obtain information abut the Humboldt squid (red devil)

Six feet long and always hungry, the Humboldt squid, aka the "red devil", is one of the most dangerous yet intelligent predators of the deep. This incredible squid has 3 hearts, keen eye sight, a giant brain, 2 lightning fast tentacles, 8 grasping arms and razor sharp teeth. The red devil squid come out at dusk. They come up from 2300 feet to 200 feet. Obtain information abut the Humboldt squid (red devil).

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