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How To: Have graceful hands

Mistress Didi brings you an instructional video on how to have graceful hands. These are simple exercises for beauty and function. Graceful hands can create greater comfort and beauty in your self-expression. Use these exercises if you want to achieve graceful hands.

How To: Do the Swan Dive Graceful Rock pilates exercise

Swan Dive Graceful Rocks is a variation on the original Pilates exercise "Swan Dive." It strengthens the gluteus muscles (so your butt will get firmer.) and increases flexibility of the spine. Keeping your abdominal muscles engaged throughout will increase core strength and protect the lower back. Watch this how to video and you can gain strength through pilates.

How To: Origami a paper airplane "Mirage"

Watch this visual demonstration on how to fold the Mirage. The Mirage is an excellent paper airplane. I was amazed the first time this left my hands and sailed -- nay -- floated to a perfect landing. The large wing area makes this glider easy to trim and especially graceful in the air. The "landing gear" helps the aircraft stay graceful during landings and on the ground, but I've surprisingly noticed that it seems to fly better with the landing gear "down and dirty" than with those tabs tucke...

How To: Origami a nice swan

Origami isn't just folding paper, it's a form of art. So, if you want to try a new creative way to express yourself, and if you like birds, try out this tutorial on folding an origami paper swan.

How To: Turn a girl at the club for beginners

Have you ever tried to play lothario to a girl at a club and turned her ever so gracefully, only to misjudge her height and clotheslining her in the face? With minimal lighting and swarming, uncomfortable crowds of people, it's no surprise that any sort of graceful dancing at all is difficult in a club, but it's possible to avoid lawsuits if you learn the dance move presented in this video.

How To: Trim a tiered bowl with Simon Leach

Watch this instructional ceramics video to learn how to trim a large tiered bowl with Simon Leach. With a thin bowl, one needs to be careful when balancing the upside-down bowl on the bat. Leach trims each individual tier with a large trimming tool. The large and possibly wobbly ceramic bowl can become once again even and graceful with some adventurous trimming. As we can see from the trimming process, when throwing a tiered bowl, it helps to leave some extra bulk.

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Epilogue - Requiem

This is the last of the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta, where it's all or nothing. In Epilogue - Requiem, you're playing a Jeanne. On verse one, you're on a motorcycle headed toward the camera. There are some enemies chasing you, so shoot them. You'll need to evade when they shoot at you. Ride in a serpentine (zig-zag) patter to avoid their shots. For more info, watch the whole gameplay.

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 16 - The Lumen Sage

In this level on the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta, make sure the bullet enters Balder's head. In Chapter 16 - The Lumen Sage, keep that bullet in line. Father Balder doesn't do much damage, but he tends to stay out of range. When you do have him in range do as much damage as you can. Keep fighting until you get his health meter down to zero and can do a climax attack. For more info, watch the whole gameplay.

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 15 - A Tower to Truth

Luka will need to fend for himself in this level on the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 15 - A Tower to Truth, stay close. In verse one, when you start you'll see two statues of Fearlesses (dog-like creatures). Attack these statues and they'll come alive and attack you. For more info, watch the whole gameplay.

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 14 - Isla Del Sol

There's only three verses to beat in this level on the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 14 - Isla Del Sol, be careful, you may not be able to see Jeanne all the time. In verse one, you'll be piloting a missile. Left stick maneuvers, X and Y fire guns, A and B fire guided rockets, triggers evade. You can invert the controls on the options menu. Hold down the fire button, keep shooting your guns at all times. Save your rockets for harder enemies. For more info, watch the whole gameplay.

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 12 - The Broken Sky

Complete 10 verses in this level for the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 12 - The Broken Sky, attack the tongue. In the verse 1 fight, there are a few minor enemies to kill. There is also a creature that looks like a wind-dragon, but you can't attack him. To end the fight, just head for the exit. Before you go through, look at the cage at the bottom of the stairs. Inside you'll find an Umbran Tear of Blood. For more info, watch the whole gameplay.

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 10 - Paradiso- Sea of Stars

This level is jammed with eleven verses for the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 10 - Paradiso - A Sea of Stars, get ready for the Gates of Hell. In verse one, defeat the minor enemies here and you'll find three walls you can combo. Each wall will give you one gear for the machine in the center of the area. When you get the third gear you will have to fight Grace and Glory. Kill them to end the verse. For more info, watch the whole gameplay.

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 8 - Route 666

Complete five verses in this level of the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 8 - Route 666, prepare for some hard battles. The first verse fight takes place on the back of a moving truck. There are two enemies with health bars on the same truck where you start. On other nearby vehicles you'll find minor enemies with ranged weapons who will shoot at you. If you fall off the truck you'll be killed. For more info, watch the whole gameplay.

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 2 - Vigrid, City of Déjà Vu

Fight Enchant Angels, Trash Mobs, and Fortitudo in the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 2 - Vigrid, City of Deja Vu, it's time to shine as one mean mama-san. In the first battle you can walk on walls. To get back to the floor quickly press down on the left stick while jumping. Because this fight takes place on six different surfaces it can sometimes be hard to locate Jeanne (your opponent). If you don't know where she is, just shoot her. Your guns don't do any damage, but you will see wher...

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 13 - The Cardinal Virtue...

Your job is to defeat Sapientia in this fight on the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 13 - The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence, attack the red sphere over Sapientia's head. This fight starts with Bayonetta on the ocean, on a surfboard-like object. Sapientia will use two attacks. The first attack starts with his fin sticking out of the water, like a shark. He will then jump into the air and dive at you. Just keep moving in a straight line to avoid this attack. For the second attack the camera w...

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 7 - The Cardinal Virtue...

Battle Temperantia is this episode of the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 7 - The Cardinal Virtue of Temperance, prepare for a fight. This chapter consists of a boss fight. You'll start on a platform. Temperantia will punch the platform with his fists and they will stick in the platform. Attack the lighted area of his wrist. While you are attacking he will shoot at you with his other hand. He slowing sweeps his guns, so you can attack until his bullets get close to you, then jump as his l...

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 6 - The Gates of Paradise

You'll need to complete 9 verses in this section of the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 6 - The Gates of Paradise, there are plenty of battles to be had. As soon as you start this level, look behind you and you'll find a headstone with one-third of a Golden LP (Odette) inside. Also is this starting area is a book, "Entering Vigrid." Break down the gate here to start your first fight. After the fight you'll get the final thrird of a Golden LP (Odette) and a book, "The Angel's Banquet Hall ...

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 3 - Burning Ground

Battle in verses 1-12, killing Fairness and Angels, in the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 3 - Burning Ground, you have to make sure you know what you're doing. In verse 4, the creature is called Fairness. A soon as it appears it will shoot a fireball at you, be sure to dodge it. Fairness has several attacks it uses. It can shoot fireballs, which move faster than other fireballs you've encountered. It has a charge attack that you can dodge or you can jump over it. It also has a sonic atta...

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Ch. 1 - The Angel's Metropolis

There's a lot of fighting to endure in the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In Chapter 1 - The Angel's Metropolis, it's your first real battle. Central Station Platform - Go to the far side of the platform and go through the security gates. The door on the far side of this hall is locked, but on one wall in the hallway you'll see a strange sphere. Walk up to it and start doing combos to open a door.

How to Walkthrough Bayonetta: Prologue - The Vestible

See the whole backstory behind the Xbox 360 game Bayonetta. In the Prologue - The Vestibule, you see how to start playing. The first part of the game is an extended cut scene where you will learn the back story of Bayonetta. During some scenes you can control Bayonetta and fight the enemies you, but you don't have to. You don't have a health meter at this point in the game and can't die.

How To: Pick out easy orchids to grow for your home

Curtis Smith, Extension Horticulturist with Southwest Yard and Garden, and Rick Hobson of Rowlands Nursery, demonstrate how to pick out orchids for your home. Dendrobium Phalaenopsis orchids are very graceful with its long spray and is a very popular orchid. They make great starter orchids because they are easy to grow. They will bloom year after year. They come in a variety of shades and petal broadness. Phalaenopsis Hybrids are also successful plants to grow in the home. They will bloom fro...

How To: Do the corkscrew pole dance move

Learn how to pole dance in the comfort of your own home with the hugely talented and graceful Veena. This dance tutorial teaches you how to warm up and cool down for a pole dancing routine as well as a wide variety of fantastic and beauitful moves, transitions and strength training. Pole dancing is a great and sexy way to get into shape and impress your lover. Watch this how to video and you will learn the corkscrew pole dancing move.

How To: Draw Fierce Deity Link

Basic bust drawing : Starting with the standard ball and crossed lines for the face. The artist fleshes out the chin before moving onto the eyes, giving them the general feel of the face. The nose and mouth follow suite. The tribal marking on the characters face are added next and shaded darkly.

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