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How To: Shoot a wedding ceremony in a church

Most weddings happen in churches, and of course everyone wants to capture the moment on film. If you're going to be the photographer for an indoor church wedding, this tutorial is for you. Choose the right kind of camera and settings to make your pictures and film as professional and memorable as possible.

How To: Make a church door card

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a church door card. To start, you will need to take a piece of card stock and the template for the church door. After this, you will fold the template up using the paper, then cut it out. After this, write the message you want on the inside of the card. From here, you will decorate the front of the card and then tie a ribbon on the front. This will close the two doors and then when you upwind it, the person can see the inside. Make this unique and have f...

How To: Pray the Rosary

Praying the rosary is one of the Catholic church’s most popular devotions and enduring images. You may want to dedicate the Rosary to a specific intention, like a sick friend or relative.

How To: Play Eric Church "Love Your Love the Most" on guitar

This acoustic guitar video lesson is brought to you by Aaron from Free and Easy Guitar, will teach you how to play "Love Your Love the Most" by Eric Church. To begin you will need a capo to play the song the way he demonstrates it for you. As you follow along with him, he breaks down the strumming and chords used in the song, detailing for you how to finger the chords he uses. He breaks the lesson up into four parts so that you can easily follow along with what he is doing.

Hack Like a Pro: Digital Forensics for the Aspiring Hacker, Part 5 (Windows Registry Forensics)

Welcome back, my aspiring hackers! As I mentioned in earlier posts, the best hackers (or at least those not behind bars) have a keen understanding of digital forensics. If I am tasked to intrude upon an enemy's file server to retrieve war plans, such as in this tutorial, it is essential to my country's (and my own) well-being that it not be traced back to me. Understanding digital forensics helps us to leave without a trace and never have a trail back to us or our employer.

How To: Open a wine bottle

Learn how to properly open a wine bottle. This is a skill of the finest waiters, sommeliers and bartenders. Never break a cork again. You need a knife, worm, and the lever. This uses a church key to show the technique.

How To: Create a simple and clean makeup look with Michelle Phan

A New Year, a new you. At least that's what most of us promised ourselves when the clock struck 12 and 2010 transformed magically into 2011. While not all our New Year's resolutions are easily stuck to, such as dieting and exercising six times a week, you can update your look to look your best. Check out this makeup tutorial by Michelle Phan to learn how to create a simple and clean look.

How To: Say basic greetings & more in Haitian Creole

In this video from pxmedia Lisa and Lionel teach us how to say basic greetings and more in Haitian Creole. Some basic greetings that are gone over here are "Hello", "How are you", and the various responses to that question. "What is your name" is another question they translate. And "My name is". "Please" and "thank you" are next to be discussed along with "You're welcome." "Excuse me", and "bye" are next up. Two important things are "I cannot speak Creole" and "Do you speak English?" Next to...

How To: Play a gospel run on piano

In this tutorial, you'll learn to play a well-known gospel run, one heard in many gospel churches. While this tutorial is geared towards intermediate players, even complete beginners will benefit from this tutorial, which presents a note-by-note breakdown of the lick. Can I get a witness?

How To: Arrange hymns for beginner piano students

If you're a piano teacher and need help arranging church hymns for your beginner students, this piano tutorial video will help you out. This lesson contains instructions on how to arrange hymns using basic triads and simple melodies and harmonies so that beginners will be able to play them. You'll be able to arrange hymns simply and beautifully after watching this helpful how-to video.

How To: Teach your toddler the days of the week

In this video from modernmom, Nancy Stone, a parenting coach teaches how to teach your toddler the days of the week. There's a few simple and easy tips to do this. Music and songs are some favorites. Also rhyming things with the days of the week is a great idea. Or make a calendar and have them trace the letters. Another example is to speak to them and say things like on Saturday we don't go to school and Sundays we go to church. Another thing to say is when they wake up work in the day of th...

How To: Create a paper scroll in Illustrator

If you aren't familiar with Illustrator software it is very similar to the photo-editing software Photo Shop. This video is a guide on how you can make a paper scroll by using Illustrator. You can follow along with the video and make the basic shapes and then re-size the pieces to look almost exactly like an ancient paper scroll. This would be something really neat to make if you needed a background for an old-timey looking photo or if you needed to make up invitations for a church function.

How To: Capture your holiday in 8 digital photos

In this video, we learn how to capture your holiday in eight digital photos. This is a challenge for most people, but it can help you remember your vacation without taking hundreds of photos. First, make sure you have different lenses to capture shorter and longer distances. Find photographs of the most beautiful places, using travel guides and locals as help on where they are. Capture a beautiful sunset or a memorable church with your camera, this will help you remember your surroundings. Al...

How To: Make a Hobo Stove

In every wilderness adventure, there needs to be some form of stove, even if it's only a fire. To prepare and heat canned or caught food, the stove is a must! In this two-part video tutorial, learn how to build your very own hobo stove with the help of a few tools: A number 10 tin can, knife, 2 tent sticks, a church key can opener, and a coat hanger.

How To: Create a makeup look inspired by deadly sin of wrath

This how-to video is not for church-going makeup; the makeup look demonstrated is based on the deadly sin of wrath, and is as intensely theatrical as it sounds. The cosmetic products used to create this look are MAC's Full Coverage Foundation, Select Moisture Cover Concealer, Blot Powder, & Peach Invisible Set, Bat Black Cream Color Base, Black Black Pigment, Bat Black Cream Color Base, Dark Soul, & Softwash Grey Pigments, Burnt Burgundy, & Black Black Pigments, Boot Black Liquid Liner, Bat B...

How To: Walkthrough the Protector Trials DLC pack in BioShock 2 for Xbox 360

The best thing about BioShock 2 on the Xbox 360 is that the fun never stops! Downloadable content, such as the Protector Trials pack, makes the first-person shooter video game last forever. And this video series from Mahalo will outline the entire gameplay of this DLC for BioShock 2. There's a total of 6 areas with 3 trials each, for a total of 18 trials. Plus, there's 6 bonus trials, bringing the total number of trials to 24! Check out all the videos for the complete walkthrough (listed belo...

Walkthrough Assassin's Creed 2: Mission 3

Sibling Rivalry: Brothers are always a pain in the butt, but so are sisters. Immediately, Federico challenges you to a race to the top of the church. You can simply run up the face of the building, moving toward hand holds along the way, and easily get to the top before Federico does. Run to the finish line, marked by a white wisp, and as long as you're there first the brief mission is over. For more info, watch the whole gameplay.

How To: Make a palm cross for Palm Sunday

Let's face it: Church is one of the most boring activities a kid attends during the week, so try to make the drudgery at least bearable by getting your kids to do some hands-on religious crafts. This video teaches you how to weave a palm cross out of palm leaves. You must soak the leaves in water overnight, then tear them into 1/2 inch X 18 inch strips for easy, pliable weaving the next day.

How To: Do Christian Dior Nails

When I started this nail design, I really didnt know what I was going to end up with, and much later till the design was posted, I didnt know what to call it either ! But a viewer noted that it is a very christian style because of the cross and the arches that look like the windows of a church, and lots of others talked about the cross on the ring finger . With a bit of help and lots of ideas, I eventually names this design Christian Dior Nails - Blue Cross Glam Nail Art Design with Easy Abst...

How To: Make a chicken and black bean casserole

News-Star Extra This meal is quick to fix and delicious. First 2 TB. butter in the skillet, melt, add one small sliced onion. Cut ends from onion, cut onion in half, slice and divide into rings. To cout a tomato cut down the center, dice across and than dice across the other way. Cilantro comes next, the first thing is to work backwards from the stem remove the leaves with kitchen shears. Also snip them with the shears. Sauté the onion in the butter until translucent. Remember to use differen...

How To: Make a wedding pomander yourself

The lady presenting the video shows us how to make a pomander ourselves which can be used for decoration in the church or at home or at the reception hall for your wedding. She says that she used artificial flowers which are a bit expensive but you can always use the flowers you want, either real or artificial. She says that the pomander she is going to make has a ribbon going through it so that you can hang it wherever you want. She asks you to pick up a Styrofoam ball and punch a hole throu...

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