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How To: Break up a traffic jam

Sometimes a single driver can vastly improve traffic. Drive like a trucker: keep a large space ahead of your car. This can erase the patterns of stop-and-go driving (wipe out the Traffic Waves.) It can also break up the clogged merge-zones at certain highway exit ramps.

How To: Do a hip hop knee spin dance move

Want to turn your blah breakdance routine into a stunning, pro-level flip fest? Then take a look at this breakdancing video to learn how to do a hip hop knee spin. This knee spin can be incorporated into your breakdancing for an extra special twist that will definitely leave an impression.

How To: Cook authentic German sausages

October fest is coming up and its time to grill up some authentic German sausages. Follow along in this cooking how to video to learn the proper way to cook German sausage. You can steam or grill them. Server your the German sausage with a fine mustard and sourcrout. Keep watching to get tips on how to know when your sausage is done. Don't forget the authentic German beer.

How To: Make potato salad

Potato salad is the perfect summertime party dish. And it's pretty easy to make. You can make it for a small group or large party fest, but one thing's for sure… you'll be the hit of the bash. Even be the guest of the hour at your next picnic or pot luck with this delicious potato salad.

Fear the Itch: Prevent Mosquito Bites by Avoiding These Foods & Activities

There are many, many home remedies out there for relieving itchy mosquito bites. Everything from mud to banana peels and basil leaves to Alka-Seltzer tablets can help curb the itch. But before you even have to resort to any of those methods, you should be thinking about prevention. Wearing white clothing can help to keep mosquitoes aways from your skin, and there are many plants that will help mask your mosquito-attracting smell. But there's even more ways to keep those bloodsucking bugs away.

News: Rollercoaster Puke fest

Have all of the jackasses and me do the "milk challenge" (where you drink a gallon of milk it makes you puke every time) before going on a roller coaster. while going down the big hill we all gag ourselves and puke. since were going down the hill all the puke will fly backwards and hit everyone behind us. All the jackasses will be bathed in puke and the passengers will get hit too. Getting puke on them will make them puke too. It will be a beautiful vicious circle of puking!

News: Festival - Matador at 21 Las Vegas Lineup Revealed

Matador, the label behind our favorite indie bands is turning 21 this year. To celebrate they're having this awesome festival in Vegas! Guided By Voices will be reuniting to play the Matador at 21 Festival along with Belle & Sebastian, Cat Power, Cold Cave, The New Pornographers, Sonic Youth, Spoon, Yo La Tengo and many more. Matador at 21 will be taking place at The Palms in Las Vegas from Friday, October 1 - Sunday, October 3 in collaboration with Los Angeles promoters FYF Fest. No on-sale ...

News: 2012 Film Festival Submission Deadlines

It's that time of year again, filmmakers... time to make your new year's resolutions. And no, I don't mean quit smoking or stop drinking - smoke and drink all you want SO LONG AS YOU FINALLY GET THAT FILM FINISHED AND SUBMIT IT TO A FESTIVAL OR TEN. Rajo has signed up for a withoutabox.com account and scoured the internet for the latest film festival submission deadlines just so he can clue you in to which ones are coming up soon - whatta guy. And just for fun (a.k.a. future reference), here'...

News: So there's this new Predators movie.....

We don't often get super excited about upcoming flicks over at thesubstream.com, especially during the long, hot & more-often-than-not disappointing stretch of cinematic cruelty that summer has become. We've been hurt before. We've been buoyed up on cresting glorious waves of hype and what-ifs and heady nostalgia only to be sent hurling like a fat guy from Ohio on vacation down onto the cruel, razor sharp Jar-Jar Binks reef.

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