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How To: Control anger through anger fasts in yoga meditation

Rasas Book Lecture Extract 7 of 22 : By fasting from anger for some time, we learn to control anger in our lives. It teaches us to better manage our expectations, because anger comes when our expectations are not fulfilled. Part of a Yoga class on Rasa Sadhana, the Tantric practice of emotional fasting. See also

How To: Break a fast

Dr. Aris Latham suggests setting standard plans for breaking a fast for most of people that he interacts with because the animal body has been programmed to eat in a certain way. This is necessary to train your body well so as to survive and be healthy. Divide your day into 3 equal parts of 8 hours. Take the sleep part of the day where you deal with the waste in your body and create energy within the body. The next period when you get up is basically when you break your fast when your were sl...

How To: Know what to expect during an endoscopy

If you've had long-standing heartburn, your doctor may order a test called an endoscopy to evaluate for signs and symptoms of something called gastroesophageal reflux disease. Endoscopy is a painless procedure that usually takes place in the morning. The preparation for endoscopy usually involves fasting after midnight the night before the test.

News: Could Cooking White Rice with Coconut Oil Cut Calories?

White rice is cheap, filling, and tasty. No wonder so many countries in the world rely on it as a mealtime staple, including most of East and Southeast Asia. Alas, because of its relative lack of nutrition and its high calorie count, consuming lots of white rice regularly also puts people at risk for diseases like diabetes and obesity.

How To: Apps That Work with iOS 14's New Home Screen Widgets

Chief among iOS 14's excellent new features is the overhauled home screen. Now, you can add customizable widgets that live alongside your traditional apps, and both first-party and third-party apps can take advantage of it. Talk about an upgrade. They even work in the Today View and lock screen, so you can have the reinvented widgets for one or the other — or both.

How To: Make Qatayef Middle Eastern pancakes

Qatayef is a traditional Arabic sweet that is served during the month of Muslim fasting, Ramadan. It is very similar to pancakes but it is filled with all kinds of treats. Two fillings are shown in this video but you may get creative and use fillings of your own.

How To: Deal with food allergies

In this series of videos you'll learn how to deal with food allergies. Expert Dr. Tammy Ruefli explains the facts of food allergies, including the various symptoms and reactions to food allergies. She'll show you how using digestive enzymes, probiotics and apple cider vinegar can offer relief. You'll learn how fasting and digestive detoxing can help, as well as what vitamins and supplements work best to fight food allergies.

How To: Use yoga meditation against food and taste addiction

To work with out emotions in Rasa Sadhana, we must be aware of the relationship between our emotions and the food we eat. There is the direct effect of the taste, the second effect during digestion and the third after digestion. Taste addiction and food addiction can be solved through Rasa Sadhana, the Tantric practice of emotional fasting.

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