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How To: Approach questions on SAT passage section

Eva Holtz shows us how to approach different types of questions on the SAT, in this episode from Brightstorm. The different types of questions in the SAT Passages section include "Vocabulary in Context", "Line reference", "Whole passage", and "I, II, III, except, least, not" questions. Eva explains that the best way to approach Vocabulary in Context questions is to treat them like Sentence Completion questions. First, read two lines before and after the word in question. Then, it's best to ca...

How To: Do an Eva Mendes inspired updo

BeautyTipsNTricks shows viewers how they can do a Eva Mendes Inspired Updo! All you need for this is a comb and bobby pins. You will also need clear elastic pony tail holders! First, you want to section off your hair. Take your hair up to the top of your ear and go all around - this is your first section. Tie this section off. Now, the bottom of your hair, you should split into two bottom sections in half. Tie each of these off with pony tail holders also. Now, with your bobby pins, starting ...

How To: Fake a bob haircut by tucking your hair under

Have you ever wondered how you would look with shorter hair? What about how you would look with a bob, or a lob (long bob) that's recently been worn by A-list starlets like Gwyneth Paltrow and Eva Longoria? Well, thankfully you don't need to chop your precious long locks off to get a taste for this hot hairstyle.

How To: Use the right words in the SAT comprehension section

Eva Holz with SAT Confidential demonstrates how to use the right words in the SAT comprehension section. Don't confuse similar words like affect which is a verb and effect which is a noun. The words imminent and eminent may also be tested. Note also the words inferred and implied which also get confused with each other. Also, don't use the wrong idiom. A wrong idiom may often be paired with a preposition. Finally, don't use the wrong verb. Similar words, idioms and verbs are tested most often...

How To: Use modifiers on the SAT reading and writing sections

Eva Holtz with SAT: Confidential demonstrates how to use modifiers on the SAT reading and writing sections. A modifier is a group of words that describes a noun. On the SAT, modifiers frequently appear in the improving sentences questions. It often appears at the start of the sentence, followed by the noun it describes. Make sure that the modifier correctly describes the noun that immediately follows and not a similar, but incorrect, idea. Make sure that the noun that follows the modifier is ...

How To: Prepare for the SAT math section

How to prepare for the math section of SAT:Eva for brightstorm2 gives us a few quick tips to solve the math section in the SAT test. They are simple, easy yet crucial to help you get through the math section. Let us begin with the basics. Basic are simple tips like read carefully, use your calculator wisely, use all the information given, do not worry about formulae and symbols, tackle the “always”, “never”, “must and “could and “can” problems. To explain them in detail; you should pay attent...

How To: Speak Icelandic phrases

By the time you watch all of the videos in this extensive language series, you’ll feel like you could jump right into a conversation in the heart of Reykjavík. Eva Natalja Robertsdattir begins with basic phrases such as “yes,” “no,” “good morning” then moves on to more advanced expressions such as “I’m afraid that I have to go now.”

How To: 50+ Creative, Useful, and Unnecessarily Dangerous Ways to Open a Beer Bottle

There's nothing worse than holding an ice cold brewski on a hot summer day and having no way to open it. If you're a Bud fan, you'll have no problem opening the bottle because most mass-market beers have twist-off caps. But if you have a taste for finer, more expensive brews, you'll more than likely run into the pry-off caps. Pry-offs are used mainly because companies believe it provides a better seal against one of beer's greatest enemies—oxygen. Plus it's a cheaper alternative for craft bre...

News: Students Exploring the Branches of Government

Our class had been assigned interviews with political representatives from different branches. In these interviews we asked questions that we had generated about their career position, advice to young activists, our government system, getting involved, and their opinion on certain laws. Here are the results from the two interviews that were done.

How To: Shape your eyebrows with tweezers

For shaping full eyebrows, Eva recommends the Vitry stainless steel slant-end tweezers, which pluck only one hair at a time. A lot of people don't realize that their tweezers are taking out multiple hairs at once, which can leave them with a hole. Over-plucking results in eyebrows that are too thin. Shape your eyebrows with tweezers.

How To: Update your little black dress

We’ve sung the praises of the classic little black dress before, but spring is the season for shaking things up a bit, the old standbys included Ali Larter and Madonna have the look down, and Eva Longoria Parker knows how to rock black-and-white separates for the trend. Watch this how to video for tips on wearing this fashionable two-toned look. Update your little black dress.

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