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How To: Make a basic paragraph

This technique can be used to write answers for a question asked in the exam or can be used to write a paragraph while applying for a scholarship or while writing a brief letter. The main thing to be considered while writing the paragraph is having an outline, all we need to do is prepare an outline before starting the paragraph. First write the "main idea" that is to be delivered, then the main idea should be supported with additional details, there can be two to three additional points to s...

How To: Create a home water fountain with Lowe's

Host Brenda Lo, from Lowe's Creative Ideas demonstrates, in this informational video, how to create an outdoor water fountain. Brenda details the entire process, listing the tools and supplies you will need to complete this great do-it-yourself project in just one afternoon with easily obtainable materials. This video is great for the DIY beginner or experienced professional looking for a new project idea for your outdoor garden. do-it-yourself, and save time and money with these great tips.

How To: Draw a snowman's face

Michael Weisner shows aspiring artists how to draw a snowman's face on a piece of paper using any writing utensil. In order to save time, Michael has drawn a rough outline sketch in pencil to give an idea of what the finished product should look like. However, it is not necessary to do this and by following the directions, one should be able to sufficiently draw a the snowman. First, begin by drawing a circle for the head and then two large circles for the coal eyes, adding detail to show tha...

How To: Import and export in Microsoft OneNote 2007

Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 is an incredibly versatile way to capture your thoughts and organize your work. It's far more than a sketchpad: its powerful import and export tools will create a central idea forum for you and your team. For detailed instructions on using the import and export features in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, watch this video guide.

How To: Make double-walled and donut pieces

Watch this ceramics video tutorial to learn how to make double-walled and donut pieces, especially teapots. This technique is trite, but can lead to better ideas. The detailed instructions in this how-to video are best for intermediate potters and will have you making nice double-walled and donut pottery in no time.

How To: Draw a manga girl with long hair

This how-to video demonstrates a method for drawing a female character in a Japanese manga style. Starting with her eyes, the artist works step-by-step to create a sketch of the girl's facial features. Then the drawing is given more depth and detail as long hair is added. The girl's shoulders and short-sleeved shirt are drawn in, then the shirt is given details such as patterned trim. The drawing is given more depth and perspective through the use of pencil shading.

How To: Make Santa suit candle votives for Christmas decor

Debra Hardy provides detailed instructions on how to make darling decorative Santa soy votive candles in this video. She first cuts the red felt into 6 3/4 inch by 2 inch strips for the Santa suit, wraps it around and adheres it to the bottom of the glass votive. Next, she secures a smaller strip of the white faux fur on top of the red felt also towards the bottom of the candle to create the bottom of Santa's jacket. Debra then instructs the viewer to cut a 6 3/4 inch by 1/4 inch black felt s...

How To: Understand the anatomy of the arm for drawing

In this tutorial we learn the anatomy of the arm for drawing. Although you may look at an image that you want to draw, drawing it is completely different with pen and paper. Learn the different types of bones that are in the arm to get a better idea of where they should be located at. Once you draw the joints and the bones, then you can connect them all and have far more details. It may take you a long time to understand how to draw the arm and all the parts, but you will gain a lot of knowle...

How To: Clone an object in Adobe After Effects CS4 or CS5

In this clip, learn the basics on the ideas of cloning in After Effects. See how to paint copies of objects on video or remove them. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular motion graphics and compositing software or a seasoned video professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the program and its various features and filters, you're sure to be well served by this video tutorial. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, watch this free video guide.

How To: Remove your bike chain using the master link

Taking the chain off of you bike for cleaning is an arduous task, especially since you usually don't explicitly have to do it. It just seems like a good idea. That's because it is. This video features a professional bike mechanic detailing the process of removing a bike chain using a master link in preparation for cleaning. Most modern chains have a master link, so you should be able to do this yourself.

How To: Make an army of miniature lizard warriors

Warhammer 40,000 and other collectible-miniature-based table-top games have created a generation of people who love painting and playing with tiny figures. If you are into the game or any of it's ilk you've probably had an idea for a piece that you would like to create from scratch. This video from Storm the Castle shows in great detail how to make your own miniature figures out of rubber that should stand up to anything you've bought from Games Workshop. Model on!

How To: Do string magic tricks to win money (or drinks)

In this video, the host, Mr. G teaches you an array of seemingly impossible magic tricks. Not only is it entertaining, but a viewer can learn how to scam money out of their friends. My only suggestion is that the steps for completing the tricks were explained in detail. The viewer see's the tricks but is not capable of recreating after the video. Overall, it is a good video, which offers a strong general idea on how to complete these magic tricks.

How To: Make an online store

Convert your idea into a home business. If you have any designs or paintings or any other kind of pictures, you can create your own business. Once you have designed the picture you have to upload it and then you can paste it on the T-shirts, coffee mugs or bags. After doing so upload your product onto CafePress and then you have to put in details of your store and then your designed product is displayed for the shopping on the net. Just try out some other new designs and upload it on the net ...

How To: Wash and detail your car without ruining the paint job

Detailing your car keeps it in top shape and looking like new. By washing and detailing regularly your vehicle will impress passerbys every day. In this two part series, The Smoking Tire shows you how to properly detail your car at home without accidentally ruining your paint in the process. This can be easily done from home, and doesn't take much advanced skill. Check out this step by step and keep your car shiny, no matter how old it is!

How To: Use widgets and change the wallpaper on a Samsung Continuum

Need a quick primer on how to use widgets and change the wallpaper on your Samsung Continuum Google Android smartphone? This clip will teach you everything you need to know. Whether you're the proud owner of a Samsung Continuum Google Android smartphone or are merely toying with the idea of picking one up, you're sure to find to take away from this two-minute guide. For all of the details, and step-by-step instructions, take a look.

How To: Use the web browser and set custom ringtones on a Samsung Continuum

Surf the web and set custom ringtones (or, if you like, "ring tones") on your Samsung Continuum Google Android smartphone! This clip will teach you everything you need to know. Whether you're the proud owner of a Google Nexus One Google Android smartphone or are merely toying with the idea of picking one up, you're sure to find to take away from this six-minute guide. For all of the details, and step-by-step instructions, take a look.

How To: Draw a sportscar

In this video, we learn how to draw a sports car. Start out by drawing the wheels and the base of the car. After this, draw the rest of the body of the car and the windows. Then, add in the wheels, tail lights, and the rest of the details of the vehicle. Once you have finished this, add in shading and lines to create a more defined vehicle. Continue to draw using this same method, drawing different types of cars and vehicles that you like. Make sure to look at a picture of different cars as y...

How To: Create a wipe with a mask animation in After Effects

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a wipe by animating masks in After Effects. This tutorial is for beginners and should give you an idea of how to animate a mask and what alpha channels are. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular motion graphics and compositing software or a seasoned video professional just looking to better acquaint yourself with the program and its various features and filters, you're sure to be well served by this video tutorial. For more information, including d...

How To: Create a flying camera rig in Blender 2.4 or 2.5

Blender is really cool in that you can mix your modes of editing between projections of that video in 3D space, 2D-based compositing, and 2D-based mixing in the VSE, all at the same time. An über-cool idea is to use your video to texture something - a plane, or a sphere commonly, and then film that texture using the camera (orthographic or lens-based) to get all sort of very cool distortion effects. Whether you're new to the Blender Foundation's popular 3D modeling program or a seasoned graph...

How To: Draw Kenpachi from magna series, Bleach

Learn how to draw Kenpachi Zaraki from the manga series, Bleach. "Drawing Now" teaches fans of the manga series, Bleach how to draw a sketch of the character Kenpachi Zaraki. You will need: a drawing pencil, colored pencils/markers, and a basic idea of how Kenpachi looks. Start by drawing a lighter, erasable outline of Kenpachi (this is so mistakes can easily be fixed before bringing in more color). Using a darker color (preferably black), trace over the lines you wish to keep in the drawing ...

How To: Make your table over for the holidays

This video helps the holiday table settings add a fun and colorful theme to each holiday. Using white plates and table cloths, along with clear glass settings, will help to bring out the colors and details of the decorative additions to the table. Having scented candles or other types of fragrances will highlight and compliment the holiday table theme you have set. The table decorations you will see don't need to match, they only need to flow in with the theme you have arranged. This video wi...

How To: Draw with charcoal pencils

Art enthusiast Bob Davies demonstrates how to use charcoal pencils in your drawings. Bob explains that charcoal pencils are useful when you simply want to experiment with a new idea without getting too detailed. What makes charcoal useful is that a wide range of shades, tones, and textures can be produced simply by smudging it with your finger! Bob goes on to show how to draw a quick, simple, yet surprisingly realistic tree using charcoal! This video is a great introduction to an easy, yet ve...

How To: Break in the brushed motor of an RC car

It's simple: if you've got a brushed motor, you'll want to break it in under controlled circumstances before taking it out into the world. Why break in your engine? The main idea of breaking in your engine is to wear down your engine's brush so as to maximize surface contact with the commutator, reducing resistance (and therefore waste energy) and thereby increasing power. For detailed instructions on breaking in your remote control vehicle's engine, watch this RC hobbyest how-to.

How To: Make miniature Valentine swirl truffles

This video teaches the viewer how to make miniature Valentine swirl truffles. The most important thing to be kept in mind is that the two colors of clay being used should be of contrasting shades. The author of the video takes the viewer through a detailed, step-by-step process of making miniature swirl truffles out of polymer clay. According to the author, one can use translucent clay sheets too, but that is not a very good idea because the translucent one gets visually overlapped by the dar...

How To: Delete Browsing History, Cache, and Cookies in Windows

This video, filmed by Douglo95Producings, explains how to delete your internet browsing tracks. It is clearly described and easy to follow, for everyone. The video and sound quality, are very good, giving the viewer an easier to follow step by step guide. He gives answers to the people who ask questions and answers all the things you need to know on this action. He explains how long it will take, and what you are doing very well so the viewer gets an idea on what he is watching. The viewer wo...

How To: Draw bean sprout leaves

This task can be completed by following the instructor's ideas. The task is to draw bean sprout leaves. The instructor is a professional graphic designer. He begins by tracing the outline of the plant before beginning. You must then follow the outline with a darker ink to bring the image to life. To give the plant more life like detail you must draw in all the life veins as shown by the instructor. This instructor shows you how to draw a animated bean sprout plant.

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