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Make quick & easy desserts: Dolly Bars & Baked Compote

Are you running out of time to make dessert and your guests are just about to arrive? Here is a video on five quick & easy desserts you can make in a jiffy including a Baked Compote of Winter Fruit with cranberries, red wine, apple cider, and lemon rhine, as well as recipes for Individual Chocolate Winter Cakes, Dark Chocolate Mulled Wine Sauce, Brandy Vanilla Cheesecake Dip, and Hello Dolly Bars!

How To: Make your own simple syrup for desserts

Making a simple Mediterranean syrup. This syrup is made with sugar, water, lemon juice, orange blossom water and rose water. You need 2 cups of sugar to one cup of water. You also need a large pot, because the syrup splatters. You use a half of a lemon, be sure to remove the seeds. Put on medium to high heat, let the sugar, water and lemon juice simmer for about ten minutes, the mixture will become very clear. Then you add 1 tablespoon of orange blossom water and 1 tablespoon rose water, two ...

How To: Make fried apple pie desserts

Bath County's Edith Bradley convinces Farmer to save room for dessert with her fabulous fried apple pie. Made the old-fashioned way, it's a sweet ending to a wild game meal. Watch this how to video to learn how to make a delicious cinnamon and dried apple pie dessert.

How To: 5 Deliciously Clever Surprise-Inside Desserts You Have to Try

Surprise desserts (aka peekaboo desserts) are a gorgeous way to celebrate anything, whether it's a birthday, new baby, or just a brand new day. You can pretty much hide anything you want inside: candy, a cool design, and even other desserts. To help inspire you, try one of these fun-filled desserts out for a special, photo-worthy occasion. Then get creative and try out your own ideas (and make sure to share them with us when you're done).

How To: No-Stress Thanksgiving Desserts That Don't Require an Oven

Oven space is scarce on that fated fourth Thursday of November. Even if you can find a spare space for pumpkin pie on the bottom shelf, you risk turkey drippings overflowing from above and ruining your beautiful dessert — not to mention a burnt crust from different temperature requirements. The bottom line is: oven real estate is valuable, and it's tough to multitask cooking for Thanksgiving when every dish requires baking or roasting.

How To: Make royal icing for decorating Christmas desserts

Learn how to make royal icing for decorating cookies and cakes this Christmas. It is a simple recipe, with just 2 ingredients: confectioner sugar and egg whites. You can use royal icing to assemble gingerbread houses. This is a strong, adhesive frosting, perfect for dessert assembly and cake decorating. Be sure to stick around for Chapter Two, to learn how to fill a pastry bag with the royal icing.

How To: Make chocolate curls to decorate cakes and desserts

Chocolate curls can make any dessert look rich and exciting. Melt together six ounces of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Keep the pan on a low heat and add two tablespoons of shortening. Stir it and be sure the chocolate does not burn. Once the chocolate has melted and looks silky and smooth transfer the chocolate mixture to a loft pan lined with foil. Refrigerate for two hours until the chocolate has set. After the chocolate has firmed back up remove the foil from the pan. Now remove the foil fr...

How To: Oil paint desserts with Hall Groat

In this tutorial, we learn how to oil paint desserts with Hall Groat. You can take a brush to create different textures on the painting. When painting bread, this can show the fluffy texture of it, which looks amazing! In this video, Hal is painting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Use your brush to press down and drag the paint around, looking at the subject to see how it looks. When working on a doughnut, you will move the paintbrush around the top to create small sprinkles. Also add in ...

How To: Make hot sugar buttercream for cakes and other desserts

Want a great topping for your next cake? Maybe some nice icing on your cookies? Buttercream is the way to go, and the hardest part about Jason Bond's buttercream recipe is fighting the urge to lick the spatula clean. Learn how to create a sweet, smooth and versatile frosting that can be used on cakes, cookies and toast. Well, okay, maybe not toast, but definitely on Raspberry Macarons. Make hot sugar buttercream for cakes and other desserts.

How To: Choose and buy healthy desserts

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. There are a lot of light or nutritional alternatives to a lot of the desserts that we commonly use or eat. Saving room for dessert is a must for adding any treat to the end of a healthy meal. Learn some tips for buying dessert foods in this nutrition how-to video.

News: Miniature Cakes & Other Tiny Desserts

Perhaps given the fact that a majority (73%) of the US population is now obese, we should think about ways to shrink ourselves. Think if everyone was shrunk down to a quarter of their normal size how much longer all the resources would last. Well, before we have the technology to do that, Artist Stéphanie Kilgast has spent the last 24 years miniaturizing food.

How To: Make a sweet puffy glazed fig tree dessert

These Mediterranean fig tree desserts are what Fig Newtons wish they could be. Crafted out of puff pastries wrapped around figs and then stuffed with mascarpone cheese, these babies are a wonderfully delicious way to end your meal. Also, spices like nutmeg and cinnamon add a sweet flavor as well as antioxidants to the dessert dish.

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