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How To: Make decorative designs on your duct tape creations

Feel and see just what duct tape is capable of! You can practically do anything with duct tape! This video tutorial will show you how to make decorative designs on your duct tape creations. There are two concepts to decorating your duct tape designs with more duct tape, and that's using stripes and squares, and using stenciling. Make all of your duct tape wallets and checkbooks and whatever more beautiful with colors.

How To: Bleach t-shirt designs

Watch this step by step fashion design tutorial on how to bleach shirt designs. Print out a design onto durable paper and cut out the individual pieces. Iron the shapes in place atop the t-shirt. Place a protective lining on the inside of the shirt. Fill an empty spray bottle with bleach and spray your design lightly from about two feet away. The areas where you placed paper shapes and letters will not soak up the bleach.

How To: Create Stunning Website Designs with SERPholic UK

Video: . With a clean, quick and customer-centric process, SERPholiC Media ( is helping businesses to brand and convert their potential audience with unique website designs that not only convert and rank but also ensure repeat business and referrals. Ultimate quality and looks at very competitive pricing. Get a free quote today.

How To: Use Xara Web Designer 7 Premium Graphics Folder in Designs Gallery

Website Design Tutorial for Xara Web Designer - graphics folder in designs gallery. In this web design tutorial learn how to add various graphics, modify colors and remix images to create your own custom icons or logos. The web design tutorial will put some of the concepts you learned in previous web design tutorials to practical real world use. If you need assistance using Xara Web Designer let us know and we will do our best to create web design tutorials to help you.

How To: Replace the Boring Stock Tiles in Windows 8 with Your Own Custom Designs

The new Windows 8 is set to launch on October 26th, and developers and early adopters are still getting used to the new interface. Windows 8 borrows a lot of its functionality and look from the touchscreen-friendly Windows phones. As with Windows phones, Windows 8 uses the now ubiquitous tiles as part of the new Metro Desktop. These tiles, much like the vintage iPhone icons, can get a little stale. But unlike the iPhone, Windows 8 users can in fact create custom tiles in their own without any...

How To: Engrave Pretty Designs onto Garden and Beach Stones

You can engrave just about any surface available, as long as you can press your engraving pen over it. Watch this tutorial to learn how to engrave stones from your garden or the beach with gorgeous floral designs or names. If you have a party coming up, you can create stunning party favors or stylish decorations by engraving pretty designs onto common garden or beach stones!

How To: Use the star tip when piping cake designs

In this tutorial, Nancy goes over the star tip. The star tip is the most popular tip used for cake and cookie decorating. This tip is fantastic for beginners and can look like stars, flowers and also be used to fill in colors for other designs. Follow along with Nancy for fabulous tips and design ideas.

How To: Create designs with hay bales in FarmVille (10/22/09)

This video tutorial shows how to create hay bale art in FarmVille (10/22/09). Are you a jaded FarmVille player? Do the joys of harvesting just not do it for you like they used to? Why don't you start using FarmVille as an artistic medium? This video will teach you how to use Excel to plot out images which you can then create out of hay bales! The options are limited only by your creativity, now open up Microsoft Office and start creating!

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