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How To: Walkthrough chapter 11 - Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man: SD's on Xbox 360

Spidey finally finds the location of where Scorpion was planning on taking his fragment, a high tech building in the city. And to his surprise, he finally finds the mastermind behind the whole plot: Doctor Octopus, or Doc Ock, or Sa- oh who cares what her real name is? She's gone mad with delusions of power thanks to her discoveries with the shard and she's planning to the take over the world (craaaaaaazzzzyyyyyyy). In this video you will get a full walkthrough for chapter 11 of Spider-Man: S...

How To: Set up an X10 spy camera

The spy camera shown in this how-to video has a 60 foot cable, and is full color and has audio. This spy cam can be used as a security device, or to feed paranoid delusions or stalking urges. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to set up an X10 spy camera.

News: Hone O Oru

This Japanese expression has two basic meanings. The literal meaning is to break one’s bone(s), as when falling from a height. The figurative meaning is “to try harder.” That is, to try so hard that one’s bones break.

News: Do the Do!

We are embarking upon a new year. As usual, some of us will make "resolutions." There isn't anything wrong with setting goals for the year. It's actually a good idea. It may help focus the energy we bring to life.

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