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How To: Install custom ROM's on a rooted Motorola Droid smartphone

The Motorola Droid is the reigning king of the Android family, but it's getting a little old and you're probably looking for a way to improve your phone's performance if you own one. Why not root the dang thing and install a custom ROM on it so it'll at least be organized the way you want it to be! This video will show you how to install custom ROM's (basically phone UI's) on a rooted Motorola Droid phone, allowing you nearly limitless customization options for your awesome phone. The ROM in ...

How To: Use farmhands and arborists in FarmVille (7/2/10)

This video tutorial shows how to use arborists and farmhands in FarmVille (07/02/10). Farmhands and arborists are two of the most powerful helper tools that you can employ on a large FarmVille farm, allowing you to take care of all of your plants of a particular type with a single mouse click! That beats clicking all over your whole dang farm right? This video will show you how to use farmhands and arborists properly to achieve maximum FarmVille success.

News: The Ultimate SCRABBLE Word List Resource

To some, SCRABBLE is just a board game to play during family game night or during a casual get-together. Others think of SCRABBLE as a mere hobby. But with any activity, there will always be fanatics—the ones who would rather sell their soul than stop—the ones with a constant yearning for self-improvement—the merciless.

How To: Launch a Cork Rocket with an Ultraviolet LED Flashlight

Science is most marvelous when it's creating an explosion, even at the tiniest of proportions. In the video below, Daniel Rosenberg from Harvard's Natural Science Lecture Demonstration Services reveals the secret to shooting a cork rocket over twenty meters using a little chemistry and an ultraviolet LED light. Rosenberg, who's a research assistant and lecturer for the Natural Science division at Harvard, demonstrates what happens when hydrogen and chlorine are explosively "burned" together t...

News: Special Edition Gold PS3 'Ni No Kuni' Bundle -- Another Reason to Move to Japan

Studio Ghibli is the most well known anime feature film studio in the world. For over 26 years, their films have represented the peak of mainstream anime, and since Disney began distributing their films in America back in 1997, they've become a household name here in the States—not just in Japan. In 2001, they even bested Disney and Pixar, taking home a Best Animated Feature Film Academy Award for Spirited Away. Eight years later, Ghibli and Fukuoka-based developer Level-5 announced that they...

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