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How To: Make crispy cassava chips

These are way better than normal potato chips, big chunky cassava chips is one of the simplest recipes you can do with the cassava root. This is a delicious and simple to make Brazilian Cuisine recipe. Cassavacan be used as a replacement for potatoes, into the dough of several kinds of bread, it makes great moist cakes other desserts. And the fresh cassava is only the start. A lot of Brazilian recipes also used the dried roast cassava flour. Cassava is one of the only plants cultivated by Bra...

How To: Grill caramel corn on the cob and make Italian corn

In this video tutorial ChowTime will show you how to grill caramel corn on the cob and Italian corn on the cob. These recipes are easy and fun. Remember to use the corn as soon as it is picked to ensure the quality of taste. Fun facts include that corn was first cultivated about ten thousand years ago in the highlands of central Mexico and that the average ear of corn has eight hundred kernels! after the corn has soaked for a minimum on thirty minutes, place it on the grill with the temperatu...

How To: Make foam gaillardia amber wheel flowers with the kids

Gaillardia may be a foreign word to you, unless you're a botanist or flower enthusiast, but the gaillardia plant can be simply defined as a daisy. The American plant is usually cultivated for its bright red and yellow flowers, but it can also be the perfect craft project with the kids. This video will show you how you and your kids can make a foam amber wheel of gaillardias, which will surely please your young ones. To make this flower wheel, you'll need:

How To: Cook whole grain quinoa

This video demonstrates two easy ways to cook quinoa. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is one of the healthiest whole grains you can eat. It is a natural source of protein containing nine of the essential amino acids. Quinoa has been around for thousands of years and is now cultivated in South America.

Movember Mustaching Tips: How to Grow, Curl, and Care for a Handlebar

I've had a handlebar mustache for about five years now, and I've learned a lot over those years about how to grow and care for it. I will now share all of that information with you! Hopefully this will encourage you to grow one for Movember! The first thing I want to address right now is that I do not use wax on a daily basis. I kind of hate using wax, but I still do it on occasion. I shall teach you my secrets, starting from the beginning!

News: Scientists Grow World's First DIY Eyeball

DIY is a far-reaching term—though culturally it tends to refer to hacks, mods, crafts and constructions, its meaning can also extend to the ongoing trials and tribulations of the evolution of mankind: astonishing developments in technology, desperate acts of self-preservation or as in today's topic, discoveries in science that truly move the needle.

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