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How To: Antisocial Engine

A.E Hi again this is my second post on nullbyte. The first one was on how to make a remote screenshot captor, now I will give you a presentation for a project of mine(I have named It Antisocial Engine) that It is not something extraordinary but will help many guys.

How To: Introduction to Botnets and RATs : Part 1

Hello everyone. I'm Calypsus and i've been around for a while learning from various tutorials, expanding my knowledge and this is one of the best platforms for newbies to sharpen the skills. Today i decided to register myself and contribute to this wonderful community. Since this is my first post, any kind of feedback is appreciated.

News: A New Branch in My Career.

When I started to go to this site I found it fascinating and found myself coming here all day I have used a lot of the info I have gotten from here in my professional career and on my own. I currently am the VP of RND for a small IT company. I have been pushing toward Penetration Testing as a service for our clients and future clients. For the past 10 years here it has been a very long uphill battle and have hit a lot of road blocks. So I decided to work on this on my own of course as soon as...

News: Many Lookup Engines

Hello I have now asked for help a few times, so I figured I should contribute with what I can offer as of right now, which is many valuable sites if you need to look someone up.

How To: Attack on Stack [Part 1]; Smash the Stack Visualization: Introduction to Memory, Registers and Assembly.

Hi everyone. Recently I've been studying some topics about Assembly, memory and exploitation, and thought I could write something nice, easy and fast about it, just because I like to share what I learn, and probably sharing what you learn and trying to explain it to a stranger is the best way to learn it better. It worked for me, and I hope it will be useful for you too.

How To: Quickly Close & Switch Apps on the Fire Phone

Aside from a collection of new features, like Carousel Pinning, the latest update to the Amazon Fire Phone also ushered in Quick Switch functionality, allowing for quickly switching between or closing recent apps. Like the majority of mobile devices, this is our primary tool in multitasking as it allows us to easily jump from app to app, or close them with a flick.

How To: Stream Spotify Music to Chromecast from Your Android or iPhone

One of the highest rated posts on Spotify's own community forum is titled "Add support for Google Chromecast," a clear indicator of not only how much this feature is desired, but also of Spotify's lack of care for it. Remaining consistent with statements made in the past, Spotify is firm in their decision to not pursue Chromecast support at this time—or maybe ever—thanks to a deal with Sonos and Spotify Connect.