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How To: Use PMS colours in QuarkXPress

Color is an important part of any page or design layout and in this tutorial you'll learn how to open the color tool, append PMS colors and apply them to your QuarkXPress document. Make sure you click on "video tutorial sections" in the top left corner and pick the lesson. Use PMS colours in QuarkXPress.

How To: Use PMS Colours in Illustrator CS2

In this Illustrator CS2 video tutorial you will learn to use PMS Colours. Learn how to open and choose swatches from a PMS color set. PMS is a worldwide color matching system for printers. Make sure to hit "play tutorial" in the top left corner of the video to start the video. There is no sound, so you'll need to watch the pop-up directions. Use PMS Colours in Illustrator CS2.

How To: Paint a Daylily in the traditional Chinese style

This video demonstration will teach you how to draw a Daylily in the Han Chinese painting style. It is very detailed, and should be easy to follow even for novice painters looking to improve their painting skills. The painter in the video talk you through not only what colors to use and the techniques he uses, but also the significance of the Daylily and the legends surrounding it.

How To: Make a mennorode star from folded paper with origami

This tutorial guides you through the process of making a mennorade star with origami. It begins with a square of paper that is folded in half and then folded from the corners to make guides on the paper. The paper is then cut in half to make two rectangles. Each rectangle is then folded and trimmed to form a 'Z' shape. It is necessary to complete these steps for ten more pieces of paper. The next step is to take to of the 'Z' shapes, perhaps of complimentary colours, and link them together so...

How To: Create a custom avatar for free

For creating a custom avatar first you need to go to the website FACE YOUR MANGA. There you can find an option named click create to start. Then you click on the create button. Then select male or female. Then you will get a default dude. you can see options like face, nose, eyes, mouth, ears etc on the right side. You can give colours according to your wish. And make whatever changes you want. Once you are done click finish and you will find a pop up box saying that yu are about to download ...

News: 180 Unit Sonobe Buckyball

I wondered how silly you could get with sonobe, and had a bash at a buckyball, which is a fullerene (technically a truncated isocahedron; you can see a simple model here). It's twelve pentagons—each surrounded by 5 hexagons (20 in total)—making a football shape in England or a soccer ball shape in the USA.

News: Palm-Sized Pentakis Dodecahedron

I finally got around to making the pentakis dodecahedron from the instructions in Math Craft admin Cory Poole's blog post. It's not tightened/straightened up yet because I just noticed that I have two black and white and two blue and green compound modules next to each other (but no purple and pink modules next to each other—to the math experts, this is a parity thing, as you can only have even numbers of modules paired up next to each other).

How To: Make a Sonobe Jasmine Dodecahedron

Math Craft admin Cory Poole posted instructions on How to Make a Cube, Octahedron & Icosahedron from Sonobe Units, plus some great complex models in his article, How to Make a Truncated Icosahedron, Pentakis Dodecahedron & More. These models use the standard sonobe unit and a coloured variant.

News: There's No Such Thing As Perfection... But I Am Expecting It???

What Am I Doing???? Last night, I was reminded on the negative impacts of striving for perfection. It's not possible to be perfect. We describe many things as being perfect. IE, an afghan, a hat, a tablecloth and more over, there is always something better... a different colour, a slightly different pattern, and so on. As time progesses, the colours we choose this fall might be the OUT colours of next fall. 

News: Redstone Printer 1.0

I was messing around in single player, (because the server is down) when a wild idea came to my mind. To build a printer, i have seen many examples on youtube, but all of them where to complex to my understanding of redstone. The end result was simple and it could save 4 images. The printer only prints in 2 colours in white (wool) and grey (cobblestone). As you have seen in the las image above, there are 25 buttons on the wall, they are parallel to the display and you can use them to edit the...

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