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How To: Install a Custom Recovery on the Nexus 6

Stock Android is a great experience, and it's probably one of the biggest reasons that people purchase a Nexus device over other Android phones. Without carrier or manufacturer modifications to the core software, the entire user interface feels a lot more clean and snappy, and this also means that developers encounter fewer compatibility issues when creating flashable ZIPs and custom ROMs.

News: Things to Do on WonderHowTo (07/18 - 07/24)

WonderHowTo is a how-to website made up of niche communities called Worlds, with topics ranging from Minecraft to science experiments to Scrabble and everything in-between. Check in every Wednesday evening for a roundup of user-run activities and how-to projects from the communities. But don't wait—start submitting your own projects to the most appropriate World now!

News: Things to Do on WonderHowTo (07/11 - 07/17)

WonderHowTo is a how-to website made up of niche communities called Worlds, with topics ranging from Minecraft to science experiments to Scrabble and everything in-between. Check in every Wednesday evening for a roundup of user-run activities and how-to projects from the communities. But don't wait—start submitting your own projects to the most appropriate World now!

How To: Use a Raspberry Pi as a Dead Drop for Anonymous Offline Communication

A PirateBox creates a network that allows users to communicate wirelessly, connecting smartphones and laptops even when surrounding infrastructure has been disabled on purpose or destroyed in a disaster. Using a Raspberry Pi, we will make a wireless offline server that hosts files and a chat room. Among other applications, this PirateBox can be used as an educational database, a discreet local chat room, or a dead-drop file server.

How To: 12 April Fool's Day Pranks for Your Smartphone-Addicted Family & Friends

April Fool's Day, aka National Screw with Your Friends Day, is finally here. You can always pull a conventional prank, like strategically placing a whoopee cushion on your mom's chair, but that joke has been exhausted generations before smartphones were around. We live in a day and age where smack cam is the new level of pranking, so it's time to step your game up, novices.

The Hacks of Mr. Robot: How to Use the Shodan API with Python to Automate Scans for Vulnerable Devices

Shodan calls itself "the search engine for internet-connected devices." With so many devices connected to the internet featuring varying levels of security, the special capabilities of this search engine mean it can provide a list of devices to test and attack. In this tutorial, we'll use Python to target specific software vulnerabilities and extract vulnerable target IP addresses from Shodan.

How To: Use a high limb chainsaw

In this how-to video series, learn how to use a high limb chainsaw from building and landscaping expert Matthew Christian. Matthew will teach about using high limb chainsaws with tips such as high limb chainsaw safety tips, how to oil the chain on a chainsaw, and how to store a high limb chainsaw.

How To: Use a cordless nailer

In this how-to video series, learn how to use a cordless nailer from certified building contractor Matthew Christian. Matthew will demonstrate how to load nails in a cordless nailer, how to unjam a cordless nailer, how to change air cartridges and air filters in a cordless nailer, how to properly handle a cordless nailer, how to change the battery in a cordless nailer, how to charge cordless nailer batteries, how to oil cordless nailers, how to flush a cordless nailer.

News: SCORE With Tron-a-Sutra (NSFW)

Whoa. Look what we found in the mainframe. Let's say you're a 15-year-old boy nerd looking to SCORE. Real life experience has been... limited. (Ok, you're a virgin.) Lara Croft was inspired (nine years ago when you were six-years-old!). So, where are the sex-ed tutorials that are awesomely geek-friendly? You can turn to internet porn. But frankly, where's the romance in that? You can read the Kama Sutra. But really. Sanskrit and Asian cartoon drawings? At long last, everything a boy nerd need...

How To: Track Down an Apple iPad 2 (All Models) in Stores or Online

If you're a diehard Apple fan, chances are the new iPad 2 caught your eye, stole your heart and emptied your wallet. Who couldn't resist the sophisticated slim-body design or its fascinating new Smart Cover? Well—it seems nobody could. And if you were late to jump on the bandwagon, you're still probably cleaning that dust out of your mouth because it took off without you—leaving the latest and greatest Apple gadget out of your reach.

How To: Morph a human skull into a Terminator robot

Terminator Salvation is the fourth film out in theaters right now, starring Christian Bale as John Connor, the near-leader of the Resistance, and Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright, a mysterious new prototype robot, a one-of-a-kind. It also has a cameo of Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, as the original T-800, Model 101. Well, actually it's just CGI facials.

How To: Improve Life by Getting More Done

Sometimes a person can feel life is getting you down - you don't feel productive, or there's not enough hours in a day to do everything you need. You might not feel motivated to get up in the morning or to go to work anymore, and sometimes one might ask oneself "Is this all there is to life?"

WTFoto News Scoop Sundays: Wrath of the Religious Roommate

The angry New Yorker stereotype sure doesn't miss anyone. A woman from New York is suing her former Catholic college for not doing 'enough' for her while her dorm roommate was having too much sex. We're not entirely sure if the college even handed out ties to hang on doorknobs, let alone provide each room with a humidifier that has 3-4 different soothing sound loops for stress relief and relaxation.

How To: Perform the Rolling Cigarette Trick

Pub magician Christian Lee demonstrates how to perform the rolling cigarette trick. All you need is a cigarette, a table and some magic. By skillfully blowing on the cigarette it will appear as if you are moving it with your mind. Brilliant!!! Perform the Rolling Cigarette Trick.

How To: Perform the cup and balls magic trick

This video is a demonstration of how to perform the Cup and Balls trick by Christian Lee. You will need: 3 cups, a napkin and of course...magic. This age old magic trick has befuddled pub crawlers for years. The trick revolves around a hidden ball. Find out more in this informative and entertaining video! Perform the cup and balls magic trick.

How To: Benefit from Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

Business owners and marketeers are diverting from traditional marketing techniques, including billboards, radio and TV advertising, brochures, and any other outdoor promotions, to cheaper but effective Internet marketing strategies. Under the new arrangement, business owners reach out to the final consumers through advertising on the World Wide Web.

How To: Hack Together an Accelerometer-Aware Mobile Website by Accessing Motion Sensors in JavaScript

Christian Cantrell, Adobe's Air Product Manager and Evangelist, has released a video to demo websites that take advantage of the motion sensors in a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop via JavaScript. Now, let's take a look through the code and break down the core pieces that you'll need in order to build your own sites that can determine the 2-axis tilt, 3-axis gyroscope, and compass direction of the mobile device it's being displayed on.

How To: Perform the coin flip trick

Pub magician Christian Lee demonstrates how to perform the coin flip trick. A sleight of hand trick involving a quick movement that makes it look as if a coin magically moved from one had to the other. All you need are two identical coins and some magic! Perform the coin flip trick.

How To: Go down steps forward in a wheelchair

Learn how to do one of many wheelchair tricks and stunts created by Christian Bagg (a born and raised daredevil who didn't let being in a wheelchair get in the way). In this video he shows us how to go down steps forward in a wheelchair. This is an advanced trick so make sure you have spotters when you practice. Go down steps forward in a wheelchair.

News: ASC DP shoots on 5D, looks like crap

For as much as Shane Hurlbut ASC's name is ostensibly everywhere right now for all the wrong reasons (re: Christian Bale, 5D challenge, etc.), as a cinematographer I think he's extremely talented.  The photography and camera work in "The Greatest Game Every Played" are very underrated and the futuristic look he gave to "Terminator Salvation" is both stunning and unique.

How To: Use praise and worship flags

This video provides a basic introduction to movement of flags in praise and worship. Demonstrated are various flag moves, involving either one or two praise flags, specifically the basic figure 8, basic figure 8 turned side to side, horizontal figure 8, overhead figure 8s, crossover figure 8s, double figure 8s, double overhead figure 8s, and double crossover figure 8s. Watch this video Christian spirituality tutorial and learn how to use praise and worship flags to celebrate your love of God....

News: The Other Side of Fashion

The United States is a hierarchical country where the weak ones are at the bottom and the powerful ones are at the top. Garment workers are at the bottom of the list although they are the most important. Without them there would be no fashion industry. They sew and cut the garments that people buy, the raiment that models wear on the runways. After the garments are sewn, factory owners send the garments to contractors to get make the clothing. Contractors make sure the garment workers sew the...

News: Are You Typical? The Planet's Most Archetypal Face Composited

Does this man look vaguely familiar? A neighbor or former co-worker, perhaps? You might think you recognize him, but this individual is actually the face of 7 billion. Composited with endless photos taken from the world's massive population, he represents an analytically deduced median: a 28-year-old Han Chinese man. The Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing has drawn data for the past ten years to come up with this archetypal image, as well as the following stats:

MovieReshape: Coming soon to a pair of glasses near you!

Imagine walking around and everyone looks awesome! Ok, maybe this beauty is only skin deep or shall we say AR deep. Coming soon to a pair of glasses near you, you will be able to put on glasses that actually make people look more muscular, have bigger boobs, look tan & blonde, etc... Now imagine that you can push a button or say a word and now all the people around you become brunette. Then another setting makes everyone slightly shorter than you. All of this in realtime!