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How To: Make a cheerful origami penguin for beginners

We don't know where the penguin trend started, but for the past couple of years the arctic animal has been getting some serious loving. From "Happy Feet" to Club Penguin, penguins are flopping around everywhere in the public conscoiusness. And who can really blame our fascination with penguins, given their chubbiness and adorable waddling?

How To: Make a festive holiday wreath for Christmas

Bring a little joy and festivity to this holiday season, check out this do-it-yourself video to see how to make a festive holiday wreath, perfect for creating that festive atmosphere around your house during Christmas. At home on your front door or in a hallway, this cheerful Christmas wreath decoration is a cinch to make and sure to liven the Christmas spirit.

How To: Do color washing when you paint your room

Walls looking a little drab and dreary? Try color washing your walls, a two-step process that'll give your walls a vibrant look. Pick out your color, prep your walls, do a base coat of the walls, and then apply glaze. It's very simple, and at the end of it, you'll have amazing looking walls that look vibrant and cheerful.

How To: Craft a button brooch

This cute and colorful flower button is a perfect Spring craft project for the kids. Not only do you get rid of unwanted buttons but you can keep the kids busy and make a cheerful brooch all at the same time.

How To: Draw cars

Want to improve your car drawing abilities? Walk you’re way through these steps and you will have the tools to sketch your very own car. You can make it into a cheerful cartoon car or keep it looking sharp and realistic. Rev your drawing engine and get ready to learn how to use basic shapes to sketch your favorite car.

How To: Choose & Buy a Guitar

Choose and buy a Guitar - A beginners guide to the Guitar. The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments there is, appealing to both the young and the not so young and spanning different musical genre's such as blues, pop, rock, classical and many more.

News: The Value and Worth of Daily Positive Affirmations

I've been dealing with emotional difficulty for many years. It started when I had surgery for the epilepsy I was dealing, and quite literally, dying with. Since the surgery on March 28, 1990 I have had no seizures, but I have had plenty of emotional difficulty. Along with that, surviving some traumatic events has added some emotional other words struggling...along the way.

Fire Dousing Baby Doll: WTFoto Stock Photo Challenge Winner (Plus Favorites)

For any of you not in the loop, last week marked our first ever WTFoto Challenge. The goal was to find the craziest, most absurd stock photo on the web we've never seen before. There were a lot of WTF images submitted to our community corkboard, and now it's time to announce the results of the stock image showdown. Who will win the the honor of Watermark of Weirdness? Drumroll please, imaginary band leader named Tim Drickles...

Minecraft: My Uncle, the Serial Killer

Do you ever really know someone? I mean really really? Super really? Sometimes we can talk and be with people normally for years and then bam: five people dead, house on fire, dog missing. All the while people shake their heads and regret that if they had just put the little clues together all of this could have been averted.

News: OL's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in L.A.

Los Angeles is filled with a myriad of options restaurant wise for all of your foodie needs. I am indeed a foodie, but there is nothing better to me then simple produce inspired plates. Here are three of my favorite spots in Los Angeles to find great organic treats all around the city. Happy Eating!

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