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How To: Chart assumed constant growth rate changes in Microsoft Excel

As you might guess, one of the domains in which Microsoft Excel really excels is finance math. Brush up on the stuff for your next or current job with this how-to. In this tutorial from everyone's favorite digital spreadsheet guru, YouTube's ExcelIsFun, the 64th installment in his "Excel Finance Class" series of free video lessons, you'll learn how to chart assumed constant growth rate changes in Excel.

How To: Play "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" on piano

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds from Sargent Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band represents the culmination of the Beatles high psychedelic period. Commonly assumed to be about LSD, according to John Lennon it was really about a picture that his daughter drew. Go figure. This tutorial teaches us quickly and simply how to play the song on piano, with handy chord diagrams and technique tips aide you on your journey through Pepperland.

How To: Create array formulas for stock returns in MS Excel

Looking for a primer on how to create and work with array formulas in Microsoft Office Excel? You've come to the right place. In this free video tutorial from everyone's favorite MS Excel guru, YouTube's ExcelIsFun, the 14th installment in his series of Excel array formula series, you'll learn how to create array formulas for individual stock return and standard deviation given different assumed states of the future economy.

How To: Play guitar as a newbie

After months of playing Guitar Hero (II and III), we assumed that graduating to an actual guitar wouldn't be too difficult, right? Unfortunately, it's harder than video games make it look. While learning the chords and basics isn't too difficult for even the least musically inclined of students, creating a decent sounding song can take years. But hey... that's why we call it "For Newbies!"

How To: Factor & find zeros of a polynomial

This is the video about how to Factor & find zeros of a polynomial. How did I know that x=1 and x=-1 were roots of the polynomial. Suppose the polynomial has a rational root, let's call it. I will assume that p and q are co prime, i.e., the fraction is reduced to lowest terms. What we will be doing is somewhat similar to "factoring by guessing" of quadratic polynomials. Since is assumed to be a root of P(x), we know that if we multiply both sides by, we obtain: Transfer them to the other side...

How To: Install laminate floors in your home with Lowe's

Lowe's home improvement expert Mike Kraft is back again to show to help us install laminate wood flooring in our homes. It has been assumed that proper sub-floor preparation has been done. All the tools, equipment, and materials are gone over in detail for your safety. Proper tests for moisture are described which is very important when dealing with concrete. Laminate floors are called "floating floors" because they are not physically joined to the sub-floor and can be installed over many dif...

How To: Make a green bean casserole with canned french onions

Tinfoilchefdotcom shows us how to make green bean casserole, the easy way. You will need, 5 cans of green beans, one and half can of cream mushroom soup, quarter cup of milk and one and half can of French onions. Heat the oven to 350 and keep it ready. Take a clean dish and put green beans to it. This might look a bit too much, but it cooks down. Next, take cream mushroom soup in a dish and add quarter cup of milk to it. Mix it well till it loosens. Add this soup to the green beans and mix it...

How To: Do easy yoga poses

This video details how to do easy yoga poses for beginners. To start out, assume 'mountain pose' which involves placing the feet at about a hip width distance apart. After the feet are placed, lengthen up through the spine and roll the shoulders back while also tucking the chin slightly back. Arms are then raised upward while inhaling, and lowered while exhaling and in the same exhale lift out of the hips, hinge, then enter a forward bend. Note, it is acceptable to bend the knees in this proc...

How To: Use Traffic Analysis to Defeat TOR

As was mentioned by the great OTW last week, TOR, aka The Onion Router, has had its integrity attacked by the NSA. In an attempt to reduce the anonymity granted by the service, the NSA has opened a great many nodes of their own. The purpose is presumably to trace the origin of a communication by compromising some entrance and exit nodes. Once both are compromised, it is much easier to correlate traffic with a particular individual.

How To: Play "One Thing" by Finger Eleven on guitar

Are you a Finger Eleven fan? You can learn how to play the intro to "One Thing" by Finger Eleven with this guitar tutorial. This tutorial is geared towards intermediate guitarists because some knowledge of guitar playing is assumed. With this how to video you will be able to play and sing along to "One Thing" by Finger Eleven.

How To: PowerPoint Ribbon & Interface Introduction

Learn the and understand the mechanics of the PowerPoint interface. This tutorial will explain the Ribbon, Slides Pane and Slides Tab. Throughout this tutorial it is assumed that you are a complete beginner however as new tutorials are added the complexity will slowly increase from basics to advance. This tutorial is brought to you by Cozy HowTo your place for a snugly warm learning experience.

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