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How To: Deal with & stand up to a bully

It’s scary, but you can learn how to stand up to a bully – and come out on top. You will need courage, wit, and even a bit of self-control. Bullies tend to pick on those who don't stand up for themselves, so being a little assertive helps. Find out how to stand up to a bully by watching this video self help tutorial.

How To: Analyze the conclusion of a sample argumentative essay

In this video we learn how to analyze the conclusion of a sample argumentative essay. The conclusion is only two lines long, but it should be looked over thoroughly. The conclusion should reinstate the main thesis from the essay. It should also give an indication of how the thesis was argued for. You should avoid the phrase "I feel that", "I believe that", and "I feel strongly that". When you change up this, it will make the conclusion appear stronger. When you do this, your conclusion will b...

How To: Pass a California DMV Driving Test

If all things go well, you'll only have to take your road test once. That's the goal: to ace your test on the first try and then start driving on your own. Granted, it's a nerve-racking experience, but keep in mind that the California Department of Motor Vehicles wants you to pass. So much so, they give you the examination answers ahead of time! All you have to do is study.

News: Need Of Detoxification

Taking good care of our colon should be one of our capital concerns. Do you know that like the air we breathe, the colon additionally becomes polluted with toxins? Toxin accretion will appear for as continued as you continuously eat. These toxins become the account of a abatement in activity and added problems like constipation, gas, bloating, etc. So now, imagine how acceptable activity could be after these toxins!

News: Ale vs. Lager

What's the Difference Between Ales and Lagers People often ask me, "Nick, what is the difference between Ales and Lagers?" Well, as you may or may not know, there are two types of beers -Ales & Lagers. All beers are made from the basic combination of water, hops, malts, and yeast. However, Ales have been around for thousands of years longer than lagers. So, what makes lagers and ales unique? Here are a few steps to figure out the process:

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