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Market Reality: Vuzix Defends Blade, Magic Leap Shows Off ML1 & Snapchat Reintroduces Consumers to Its AR Camera

The augmented reality business was all about audiences this week. Vuzix looked for an audience with the Supreme Court of New York regarding a defamation lawsuit against an investor. Magic Leap held an audience with royalty, showing off the Magic Leap One in a rare public appearance. And Snapchat wanted to remind its consumer audience of all the things its camera can do.

How To: 7 Things Every Steampunk Should Know for Making It Through Airport Security Stress-Free

There was recently a case that came to national attention where a gentleman was arrested at an airport for having a watch that looked like a bomb, among other things. As it came out, the watch was, in fact, not a bomb, and the man was just an artist who was probably trying to make a statement of some sort. Well, that message was lost amongst the hail of people shouting that either he had been stupid for bringing that watch on the plane and so deserved to be arrested, or that it's a free count...

How To: Find & make your Wiccan words of power

This video goes over how to find your personal Wiccan words of power. She wants you to ascertain how you normally do spells and decide whether or not that style works for you. She goes over what words of power are and what they are used for (such as gaining positive energy). You can find many words of power in some of the popular Wiccan books and find the ones that work best for you. That you have to make an effort to find the ones that work the best for you, that you need to find the words t...

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