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How To: Use Swype to text on your Omnia II cell phone

In this tutorial, learn all about Swype. Swype is an app that you can add to your cell phone to make texting and e-mailing lightening fast. Say goodbye to tap texting - with Swype you just let your finger glide on the keyboard until it creates your desired word. Check out this clip and learn how to install and use Swype on your Samsung Omnia II cell phone (that is running Windows Mobile).

How To: Play Mission 2 in Splinter Cell: Conviction co-op mode

The co-op story mode in the new Splinter Cell: Conviction game has plenty of missions, which allow you and a buddy to play next to each other in front of one Xbox 360. Achievement Hunter presents this three-part video which gives a walkthrough on the 2nd mission in the co-op story mode: Russian Embassy. Jack and Geoff walk you through the Consular Offices, Public Building, and Rooftop until you finally tag team the helicopter ride home.

How To: Wire a solar cell into an electrical circuit

The Solar Schoolhouse presents this video tutorial on how to use the Solar Cell Classroom Set. The purpose of this set is to give students hands on experience making electricity using sunlight. See what's inside the set, and then see how to wire three different types of electrical circuits: a simple circuit, a series circuit, and finally a parallel circuit.

How To: Merge & unmerge cells in Excel

In this software video tutorial you will learn how to merge and unmerge cells in Excel. A cell in an Excel spread sheet is assigned a row and a column number. You will mostly need to merge cells when you are trying to create headers that span across two or more cells. For this select the cells that you want to merge by clicking and holding down the left mouse key on the first cell and then dragging it across the other cells that you want to merge. Then go to the 'home' tab, click on 'alignmen...

How To: Lock & unlock cells in Excel

In this tutorial, we learn how to lock and unlock cells in Excel. First, right click one cell and click on format cells. Go to the protection cell, and then un-check the locked category. Click ok, then go to protect sheet, inside of tools. Now, do now allow locked cells to be checked. Now, you will not be able to select cells in the worksheet except cells that are unlocked. This is a great way to protect your information, so it won't accidentally get deleted or ruined. You can do this for ent...

How To: Remember the parts of the cell

Are you much for science? Cytoplasm. Nucleus. Endoplasmic reticulum. Organelle. These words might sound alien, but breaking down the parts of a cell and their functions will help you remember. This is one of the best ways for cell identification, and it's perfect for science class studying.

How To: Understand the structure/parts of the cell

In this video the author shows about the different parts of a biological cell. He intends to explain the parts of a cell by using a diagram and incrementally building different parts of the cell explaining them along the way. he starts with drawing the cellular membrane which is the boundary or outer cover of the cell. Now he starts with drawing the DNA which are also called as he genes of the cell. Now he draws and shows other parts of cell called eukaryotes, chromatin and also nucleus which...

How To: Name cell ranges with relative references in MS Excel

Looking for a primer on how to create and work with names in Microsoft Office Excel? You've come to the right place. In this free video tutorial from everyone's favorite MS Excel guru, YouTube's ExcelIsFun, the 8th installment in his series of Excel name tricks, you'll learn how to name cell ranges with relative cell references instead of the default absolute cell references.

How To: Name a Microsoft Excel cell after its content

New to Microsoft Excel? Looking for a tip? How about a tip so mind-blowingly useful as to qualify as a magic trick? You're in luck. In this MS Excel tutorial from ExcelIsFun, the 138th installment in their series of digital spreadsheet magic tricks, you'll learn how to name individual cells after their cell content (i.e., the name of the cell is in the cell).

How To: Use Excel spreadsheet setup & cell references

In this Excel basic video the instructor shows how to setup a spreadsheet and use cell references. Cell references are used in Excel to refer to other cells in a formula. When a formula contains data based on the cell reference the formula auto generates the result each time the value in the cell changes as the formula contains only the reference to the cell and not the actual data present in it. In this video the tutor goes on and shows how to write a few basic formulas using cell references...

How To: Make a dye-sensitized solar cell with titanium dioxide and anthocyanin

Discover the power of raspberries! Literally. In this NurdRage science video, learn how some crushed raspberries and some titanium dioxide (TiO2) can create a powered dye-sensitized solar cell. Inside a raspberry is something called anthocyanin, which is a flavonoid pigment. Commercially purchased solar cells are way more powerful than this DIY solar cell, but with a little improvement, who knows. Nurd Rage also lets you know how this works.

How To: Input values & formulas into a cell in Excel macros

This video shows how to enter values into cells using Excel macros and Visual Basic. This includes a sample Expense Report that is used in this demonstration. In this demonstration, we will create the macro that inputs a title as "Expense Report", Three columns i.e. "Date", "Item" & "Amount", and the summery field as "Total Expenses", as well as the formulas located at the respective cells. Now, we're going to use two keyboard shortcuts i.e. "Alt + F11" to open-up the VBA window and "Alt + F8...

How To: Charge your cell phones with normal batteries

So you're on a trip and you forgot to bring a cell phone charger. Don't want to spend 30 dollars, but need to have your cell phone on? This video will teach you how to charge your mobile phone with regular batteries. All you will need are: a charger plug, resistor 2, cell phone, and 4 AA batteries AA.

News: Dying Cells Do Tell Tales & What We Learn Can Help Us Stop Cancer from Spreading

As our cells age, they eventually mature and die. As they die, they alert nearby cells to grow and multiply to replace them. Using a special imaging process that combines video and microscopy, scientists have observed the cellular communication between dying and neighboring cells for the first time, and think they may be able to use their new-found information against cancer cells, whose damaged genomes let them escape the normal dying process.

How To: Merge & center a cell in Microsoft Excel

This video tutorial belongs to the software category which is going to show you how to merge & center a cell in Microsoft Excel. Highlight the area that you want to merge. Press the "Merge and Center" button located in the tool bar at the top. The cell will be merged. Then, type in what you want to type and click on the cell that you merged. Right click on it. Next, select "Format Cells" and click on "Alignment" tab. Click on the drop box, select "Center" and click OK. Your text inside the me...

How To: Fill in the blanks with custom number format in Excel

This video teaches how to fill in the blanks with custom number format in Excel. Open any similar worksheet as shown in the video or type the same to use. Select all the cells in the columns E and F and press F5. Now click 'Specials', then select 'Blanks' and click 'OK'. All the blank cell will be highlighted, now enter the value and press 'Ctrl+Enter' to populate all the blank cells. Press 'Ctrl+1' to format cells, select custom if you want something to show up in the cell but not really be ...

How To: Use Microsoft Excel to determine statistical values

Follow this video to learn how to formulate calculations in Microsoft Excel. First type in a list of numbers in the cells. In order to calculate the median click on the cell where you want the answer to be shown. Then type equals, average, open bracket and insert the cell code where the first number is, colon, and then type in the cell where the last number in the list lies, and close brackets. In practice this is an example where the numbers are in a list from cell A1 to cell A11: =AVEARAGE(...

How To: Clear formatting from a cell in Microsoft Excel

New to Microsoft Excel? Looking for a tip? How about a tip so mind-blowingly useful as to qualify as a magic trick? You're in luck. In this MS Excel tutorial from ExcelIsFun, the 7th installment in their series of digital spreadsheet magic tricks, you'll learn how to remove the formatting from a given Excel cell without erasing the cell content!

How To: Pull text from Excel cells & separate into columns

Mastering your Excel skills? Have a busy Excel workbook or spreadsheet that needs to some organizing? In this two-part tutorial, learn how to pull text from cells & separate them into multiple columns in MS Excel. You will learn how to use the LEN(), FIND(), LEFT(), and RIGHT() functions to pull text from Microsoft Excel 2007 cells & assign them to different columns.

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