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Dark Side of the Prism: Get Alerted Whenever You Visit a Website Owned by a PRISM-Targeted Company

Since The Guardian published leaked documents exposing the depth of the NSA's spying powers, many people who've never put much effort into protecting their privacy are finally starting to pay attention. Evidence of public opinion concerning PRISM can be seen from the rise in traffic for pro-privacy sites like DuckDuckGo to the petitions demanding that the program be scaled back or done away with altogether. Some would argue that you waive your right to privacy by signing the terms of agreemen...

How To: Set up text alerts in Edmodo

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to set up text alerts in Edmodo. Begin by opening your browser and go to the Edmodo website. Select Settings, which is on the top fight side of the page. Now click on the Notifications drop-down menu and select Text Message. Type in your cell phone number one the next blank space. Then select your cell phone provider. Then check the boxes that you wish to be alerted to. Finish by clicking Save Notifications. This video will benefit those viewers who u...

How To: Find Temporarily Free Apps & Games on the Google Play Store

Software takes time to create, and time is money, so a lot of great apps aren't free. But to generate interest, some developers will make their paid apps free for a limited time. The potential for a long-term increase in daily active users more than offsets the short-term lost revenue. So for us end users, the trick is knowing when these sales are going on.

How To: Take a Screenshot on Any Smartphone or Tablet

Taking screen captures is a standard feature on iPhones and newer Android smartphones, but for some reason it's not very intuitive. Screenshots allow you to share your phone's screen with your friends, document technical problems for customer support, and even make how-to guides easier to follow. So, it's definitely worth remembering. Here's how you do it.

Stop Yelling at Your Roommates: How to Sync Bills, Chores, & Groceries Across Android & iOS

We've all heard our fair share of roommate horror stories, or have some of our own, because we never truly know who someone is until we've lived with them. Cohabitation issues generally revolve around things like bills, chores, cleaning, and groceries. Approaching a roommate, especially an adult one, to remind them to do their chores can be an anxiety-ridden and daunting task. After all, we're roommates, not parents!

How To: What Happens to Your Passwords When You Die?

Most of us have never put much thought into this, but the question needs to be asked — what exactly happens to all of our online accounts when we die? No, the internet won't just know and delete accounts for you, so you need to plan for life's one guarantee. Because without a plan, things become a lot harder to sort out.

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